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Showoff – “Popular Kid”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Showoff have released their new song “Popular Kid.” The track comes from the band’s new album, Midwest Side Story, due out on September 22nd.

    Now, here’s a band I haven’t written about in a long time.

  2. MightyBrian

    This is where I am suppose to write something cool Prestigious

    not bad, has that wish you were her vibe to it
  3. HueyLewis


    I will always love Falling Star. Maybe it's time I should check out their full albums.
  4. rbf737


    Wish You Were Her really meant a lot to me when it came out and I listened to it over and over. Ha then I drove 5 hours to see them when they reunited briefly in 2006ish.

    They were playing some dive bar and I was literally the only person there to see them (something I've never experienced since with any other band) and I chatted with Chris a bit before the show and asked him if they were playing Ocean Time (my favorite), he said no, then I asked him if they were playing Falling Star, he said no. Ha they only played like 6 songs and got out of there quick but whatevs.

    I still like Showoff and long story short I'll check this out.
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