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Sherwood – Sherwood

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    Sherwood’s album is an enjoyable mix of musical styles. With vocal stylings similar to Ace Enders (Early November) and drumming comparable to Copeland, Sherwood has followed a formula that has proven to be successful. Slow, emotional choruses and tight, crisp guitar work assist catchy verses. Fans of emo-rock will really dig what this CD has to offer. While you can detect the band’s talent instantly, there is definitely something lacking in each song. Every song has a good hook and a nice flow to it, but there is simply nothing unique about Sherwood, minus a few tracks – one of these being “Pray Forgive Me These Mistakes”. Synth drums move a slow ballad of a song forward. It’s a great testament to how awesome Sherwood’s vocals are. He really sounds like Aaron from Copeland in this track. Another track, “Anything You Choose” displays Ozma-esque keyboards while guitars twang forth an alt-country beat. This eventually falls into the same pattern as all the other songs, give or take a breakdown or two. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun album to listen to. Overall, it’s a solid effort. Check it out if you want something new to listen to you in your car while you drive home late at night.

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