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Sherri DuPree Talks About New Eisley Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 8, 2017.

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    Sherri DuPree of Eisley sat down with Alternative Press to talk about the band’s upcoming album:

    Ever since I was a kid, this has been our band. Eisley has just been such a big part of my life. I’ve never wanted to do a solo project or anything like that. I felt like writing the songs under a different name would just be confusing and pointless, just because I have a certain style, and that style is Eisley.

    I’m a very sentimental person, too, so that was probably some of it. When faced with losing [Eisley], I was just kind of shellshocked. I never saw there being an end to this in my life. It’s just everything that I want to do creatively, so I feel very, very blessed that I had everyone on the record rallying around me, and lifting me up, and being like, “You can do this.” Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have pushed through.

  2. RonandTammy


    Wow, didn't even realize that Stacy left the band or that they have a new album coming out.
  3. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    I've never really listened to Eisley, but I'm intrigued about this upcoming album and am excited to check it out. Anyone have recommendations on which album to start with?
  4. RonandTammy


    Room Noises is one of the most beautiful, whimsical things I've ever listened to. Sherri and Stacy (sisters by the way) have amazing harmonies and lyrics.

    If you don't like this song, you probably won't be into them.

    Other key tracks on that album, which is their debut, is Brightly Wound and Plenty of Paper. They're my favorites on this release.

    Subsequent releases go down in quality, IMO. Their second, Combination is good, but not as good as the first. Then with The Valley, they stray from the sound/lyrical content that made them unique and I didn't find it very good. This was around the time of Sherri's break up with the dude from New Found Glory, so some of the songs reflect that.

  5. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    I'd recommend beginning with either Combinations—what got me into the band, LP I return to most—or The Valley, which is notably different (esp. lyrically) but also fantastic, probably the most accessible sounding record they have out rn.
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  6. MegT585


    So excited for this album. Loving both songs that have been released so far.
  7. Benjamin Lee


    The Valley has always been my favorite, so I'd recommend starting there. Every album is good though.
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  8. RonandTammy


    Dang, no love for Room Noises huh?
  9. Liked Room Noises back in the day, just don't think it's aged that well. I don't remember much about Combinations, but The Valley is pretty good. Smarter is a great single for them. Very interested to hear how this album turns out, songs so far have been great.
  10. RonandTammy


    I think I heard they were going back to the Room Noises/Combinations era.

    I've tried many times to listen to The Valley and I just can't get into it. I don't like the bitterness in their lyrics.
  11. Benjamin Lee


    I like Room Noises, but it's also obvious they were young when they made it. So some of the songs, for a lack of better term, just lack maturity. You can also tell Warner Brothers pushed them to do some songs to be more "radio" friendly (which Sherri mentioned was an issue with the label in a podcast recently). Combinations improved a bit, though there were still a couple label songs. The Valley and Currents just feel more fulfilled, free, natural and mature. I don't know. I think Room Noises is really good, but every release after it is better.
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  12. RonandTammy Feb 9, 2017
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    I'll have to give The Valley and Currents another listen.

    The innocence on Room Noises is what appeals to me the most. I'm listening to Currents right now - Blue Fish - and I really dig the music and the ambient sound the first couple of tracks have had.

    Jesus Christ, Drink the Water sounds like something out of a Daughter album. I take back what I said about their later releases, this is great.
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  13. Benjamin Lee


    I totally get only liking the first two, or two most recent albums. Getting older, and getting onto a label that doesn't push them any direction definitely changed their sound a bit. I'm glad you're enjoying Currents now though. :blush:
  14. RonandTammy


    Chauntelle has her own song on Currents, which is awesome. Yea I'm officially really digging this album.
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  15. Lucas27


    Currents is easily my favorite Eisley album. I think it went overlooked because it's softer and more experimental but it capitalized on everything I've ever loved about the band and everybody has a moment to shine on that record.

    Room Noises is a great place to start though and The Valley is probably their most accessible. Combinations is good, but easily my least favorite.
  16. RonandTammy


    Even with how much I'm digging Currents, nothing beats Plenty of Paper and Brightly Wound.

    Brightly Wound is one of the "prettiest" songs I can think of off the top of my head. Even though it's about a fantasized love, it still embodies an innocent view of what love is.

    Plenty of Paper is Eisley at their most "whimsical" and it's awesome.

    I cut the moon in half
    And stuck a piece to my hair
    It made the back of my head glow
    Golden yellow and then I took
    Ten stars on sticks and placed them in my small metal
    Bucket and I gave the other half of the moon to you
    Ooh, so you wouldn't forget me while I'm gone
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  17. Lucas27


    Room Noises captures the whimsical Eisley better than any other their other albums, I'll give you that. It's been awhile since I've listened to that record front-to-back. Need to change that.