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She & Him Announce New Christmas Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 15, 2016.

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    She & Him will be releasing a new Christmas album this year. Christmas Party will be released on October 28th and the track listing can be found below.

    Track Listing

    1. All I Want Tor Christmas Is You
    2. Let It Snow
    3. Must Be Santa
    4. Happy Holiday
    5. Mele Kalikimaka
    6. Christmas Memories
    7. Run Run Rudolph
    8. Winter Wonderland
    9. The Coldest Night Of The Year
    10. A Marshmallow World
    11. The Man With The Bag
    12. Christmas Don’t Be Late

  2. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Stoked. Will be listening to this and the Kacey Musgraves Christmas albums a lot this winter.
  3. Corey Putney

    @coreyputney Prestigious

    Yessss. I hope there's a vinyl copy of this one also - I have the other and it's quite nice.
  4. FrankieThe4th

    things have never been stranger Prestigious

    "All I Want Tor Christmas is You", the new Xmas jam about obscure web browsers
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  5. CMilliken


    Excited for this one. Their first one is one of the few Christmas albums I enjoy listening to all season long.
  6. TedSchmosby


    Goddamn I love Christmas music
  7. theredline

    Trusted Supporter

    I love GOOD Christmas music...I bet this will be good
  8. mattfreaksmeout

    Trusted Supporter

    Sweet! The first one is easily my favorite Christmas album. It's just got such a warm feeling to it.
  9. Schmohawk

    Eat Snickers, leave garbage.

    This is an awesome surprise. Their first Christmas album might be my all-time favorite for the holidays, and now this and Kacey Musgraves this year? Between the two, sounds like I'll be listening to a lot of Mele Kelikimaka this holiday season!
  10. shawnhyphenray


  11. FrankieThe4th

    things have never been stranger Prestigious