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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by JulieLynn, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. JulieLynn

    I have no time for your shit Prestigious

    2 pages! Yay for my first thread!
  2. JulieLynn

    I have no time for your shit Prestigious

    If I still had my cat, we would be in the same club!
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  3. chris

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    propercrks - prepare to be underwhelmed
    (pls add me though)
  4. Slangster

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    I probably average one actually good snap a month, so
  5. Trent Gill Supporter

    This new forum no longer shows my age, but my Snapchat will: trntag. I once had a good story about a backyard fire getting out of hand set to an old All Time Low album. I probably peaked early.
  6. Iago

    coming apart at the seams


    Gonna go and add everyone later.
  7. Cornerb0y


    For cats and video games, follow me: Cornerb0y (zero in b0y)
  8. Arry

    it was all a dream Supporter


    I'll add you back!
  9. Whatjuliansaid

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    When Windows gets snapchat again I'll share mine...
  10. ChaseTx

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    Mine is agiantgrizzly and I've posted 2 snaps

    Same username on Instagram which I use much more often
  11. chris

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    gonna go through and add y'all
  12. JulieLynn

    I have no time for your shit Prestigious

    Anyone one else? This has been super fun so far!
  13. theagentcoma

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    Mine is literally my username. It's mostly snaps of my dog and other stuff:


    I'll add peeps as soon as I'm done with this high profile Magic the Gathering tournament I'm competing in, obviously
  14. Richter915

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  15. Eric



    I don't post too often, just enjoy watching other people's stories.
  16. JulieLynn

    I have no time for your shit Prestigious

    Got another friend on Snapchat! this has made me be more active on my snapchat and I've had so much fun with it!
  17. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.


    But I suck at Snapchat.
  18. Jakobindeed

    My Whole Life is Thunder Supporter

    jacobloder it's just videos of shows and pictures of my cat but he's cute so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  19. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    I always end up not posting SC's where I'm talking because I sound like an idiot but I went for it and posted one today. I sound really unintelligent lol
  20. Mine is fatally_yoursx I could use the friends ! aha.
  21. Viva Sonata Prestigious

  22. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    It won't let me add you for some reason?
  23. Th
    That's odd, try again. This has happened before, what's yours again ? I'll try to add you !
  24. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

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