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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by JulieLynn, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. JulieLynn

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    I would love to see snapchats from fellow Chorus Forum friends!

    My User name is ohthatgirljulie

    Happy Snapping!
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  2. Louie

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    I'll add. Lets hope this doesn't get out of hand lol.
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  3. oh dam hell yea

  4. St. Nate

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    I think.... It's st_nate.
  5. JulieLynn

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    Come on friends!
  6. Brandon Allin

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  7. JulieLynn

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    Also, If you have any recommendations on who else to follow, famous or not, those are welcome as well!

    I am a huge fan of Jeffree Star: jeffreedahmer
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  8. AelNire

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    Added everyone ;-)
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  9. Louie

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    Only celebs I follow are Pete Wentz(peteweezy) and Motion City Soundtrack(motioncitymusic)
  10. Adam Goldberg (adamthegolberg), Chelsea Peretti (chelseavperetti), Ben Schwartz (rejectedjokes0) and his friend Gil Ozeri (gilozeri) are actors or comedians I follow
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  11. JulieLynn

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    I follow Wentz. I wish he would snap more often. I really wish Taylor Swift had a snapchat.
  12. AelNire

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    snoopdogg213 is all you need.
  13. JulieLynn

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    Oh I got snoop. He's fucking Hilarious!
  14. Louie

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    I'm on this site that tells you celebrity social media profiles and so many of them are models and actresses. I feel like they would just constantly snapchat their private island vacations and make me hate my life...more.
  15. AelNire

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  16. Vincentbiz

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    sdupreebemis (Sherri DuPree of Eisley and wife of Max Bemis)
    her entire family is adorable

    mine is vincentbiz. keep it classy
  17. Zoshchenko

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    Mine is quinstack if anyone wants to follow!

    As for celebs, Niall Horan (niallhoran) of One Direction recently got on snapchat and I've enjoyed the few things he's posted so far. Also, John (johngreensnaps) and Hank Green (hankgre) of the Vlogbrothers / Crash Course / Scishow on YouTube are good at snapchat.
  18. DarkHotline

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  20. Kennedy Mar 31, 2016
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    Kennedy Prestigious

    EDIT: sorry actually i dont know if want this is general forum lol

    hit me up and show me your records :))
  21. Alison

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  22. y2jayjk

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    probably a bad idea but


    lets do this!
  23. jump start

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    Disclaimer: my snapchat is super boring.
  24. jasontate05

    I post really stupid stuff mostly of my cat.
  25. ryan.conde

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