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SF/Bay Area Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dog with a Blog, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Dog with a Blog


    Sup nerds. Born and raised in Alameda, a small island about 15 minutes south of San Francisco. Having grown up here, I'm very ready to leave, but I will say it is nice to be able to venture into SF, Oakland, and Berkeley at a moments notice. Anybody else grow up here? What are your favorite food spots? What do you do for fun? How much are you getting ripped off to pay for a studio????
  2. Dog with a Blog


  3. djwildefire


    I moved to Moraga in the East Bay when I was 2 and lived in Lamorinda my whole life til heading to San Diego for college. I graduate this year and am planning on moving back north, not necessarily to the Bay Area proper, but somewhere within about a 2 hour radius.

    There's SO much good food. Some places that come to mind: Imm Thai Street Food, Belly, Tacos Sinaloa, Ramen Hiroshi, Ba-Bite, Nopalito, Southie, Cheese Board, Cholita Linda, Cafe Romanat...I could go on and on.

    One of my favorite things to do in the Bay Area (besides eat) is hike! There is so much amazing scenery. I love going to Tilden, Redwood, Las Trampas, Briones, and Sibley in terms of East Bay places, but my absolute favorite is Point Reyes. Seems like I always experience something new whenever I go up there, whether that's scenery or wildlife.
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  4. Dog with a Blog


    I've gotta say, I will miss hiking over here. It's crazy how I can drive maybe 10 minutes into Oakland and I'm surrounded by redwoods! I've spent hours at Tilden and Redwood Regional and I definitely have so much more to see.

    I'm moving to Long Beach in July but I want to finish school in San Diego, love it over there.