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Sexual Harassment Pervades New Jersey’s Local Music Scene

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Bobby Olivier, writing for NJ:

    It’s being swept under the stage, gig after gig, weekend after weekend, in the bars, clubs and basements that weave together New Jersey’s local music scene.

    Female musicians say they have been stalked, groped and relentlessly demeaned in an arts community with no controls in place to report such abusers. They feel collective frustration and invalidation. They are sick of being diminished and ignored.

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  2. theasteriskera

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    I highly encourage everyone to read this. In my 15 years of going to shows there has been a lot of progress, but we're leaps & bounds away from where we need to be
  3. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Being from NJ, this article fails to mention the bullshit that went down in Trenton with a promoter (forgot his name at the moment) or Alen Guitars, someone who does nothing but harass women.
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  4. HarrisonMonopoly


    This article really rubs me wrong. Local music supporters of New Jersey have failed these women? I have seen almost all of these people play in Asbury Park to nothing but supportive and respectful crowds. I'm willing to bet this is where this group performs the most. Obviously what people say to their faces after shows etc isn't something I can comment on. Those are bad apples and I totally get it. I don't condone using their set as a way to parlay your conversation into a date, or following them to their cars. I don't understand how it's fair to say that as a whole, it's a failure. Theres going to be scum bags and low lives everywhere you go. Its borderline offensive to call a scene that was literally built on the back of the LGBT community a group of failures when it comes to this stuff. It's an area occupied by mostly older misfit toys with good ethics. I refuse to be lumped in with some mutant promoter from Trenton or some lonely drunk knuckle dragger because I happen to be a male.

    "The most common assumptions are that they are merely someone’s girlfriend tagging along — even if they are headlining the gig, with their name on the marquee" -------These artists are playing rooms that typically hold anywhere from 75-250 people that have shows going on every night of the week. In that community, it has literally zero to do with the fact that they are a woman that the guy working door doesn't know they are in the band that's on the marquee. There are women playing shows 7 nights a week.

    I know this sounds like a classic case "bro it's not about you". Its frustrating that they are dealing with bad apples. Its frustrating that this stuff has leaked into that community. Its frustrating that they are worried about using their voice and their platform. Of all the places in the world, they will be heard loud and clear. The guys putting these women in positions that are uncomfortable or compromising would be dealt with. There simply needs to be more individualizing.
  5. In 2018 I think it’s more than fair to say it’s a culture issue, and not just a “few bad apples.” The evidence is overwhelming.
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  6. HarrisonMonopoly


    While I don’t disagree with you on the whole, pointing blame at one of the safest most supportive areas in the world for female musicians seems illogical.
  7. It seems clear that definition doesn’t fit, or, that the most supportive area in the world for female musicians .. is also a dumpster fire of bad.
  8. teebs41

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    As someone that plays in a band that plays pretty much exclusively in NJ and philly we try really hard to make sure all of our shows are safe spaces for anyone who comes out to see us. It can be difficult playing with smaller bands and not knowing what you are going to get but we do our best to do our hw on anyone we are playing with. Lots of work to do to make things better.
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  9. HarrisonMonopoly


    So, you think an area of a couple square miles that has about a dozen venues, with women performing most nights, drawing a decent amount of people, is a "dumpster fire" because of a couple of assholes? You live in Portland, or at the least you used too. Great city, very forward thinking people. This is the same logic as grouping every democrat from your neck of the woods as a violent member of Antifa. It's a ridiculous line of thinking.
  10. No, because I read this article, look at the world today, and listen.

    Not understanding a cultural issue, and how you play into it, while making #notallmen arguments, is part of the problem.

    Oh, and anti-facists are good.
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  11. HarrisonMonopoly


    anti-facists are good. you're certainly right.

    violence is bad.

    Im not making a not all men argument. I'm making an argument that the place being targeted here is an incredibly supportive community filled with great people, and I take offense to it being labeled as a failure to female musicians.
  12. personalmaps

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    Here’s a thought: maybe those female musicians could share their thoughts. No offense, but men rarely have an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes or how much shit women really deal with unless they’re told.
  13. sdub8686


    Hey Jason, usual lurker here. Just wanted some this you supporting Antifa?
  14. Anti-facists are good.
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  15. sdub8686


    Fascism is bad, yes. I'm referring to the group who occupies Portland and ironically calls themselves Antifa. Do you support them?
  16. I don't think you know what “occupies” or “ironically” or, honestly, “anti-fascist” means.
  17. DarkHotline

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    I hope antifa give all the Nazis wedgies and swirlies
  18. atlas


    ooh ooh! I do!
  19. sdub8686


    I'll take that as a yes. So these anti-fascists, who wear masks and rove around beating people who disagree with them politically with bike locks and using other forms of violence isn't in itself fascist? Pretty much the definition of irony. And this violence hasn't only been directed at the few white supremacist morons they could find... it's directed at anyone with a differing opinion. If you dispute that, you're either not paying attention or a radicalized ideologue. Add to it their insistence of shutting down any speaker on college campuses that doesn't adhere to their strict leftist orthodoxy. Free speech not important? I'm genuinely not trying to stir up shit, but I want to an understand how anyone can look at what's happening with that group and think it's good. What good are they doing? Fighting radicalism with more radicalism is only going to lead to a very bad place.
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  20. Gee it is such a shock that question wasn’t asked in good faith or with an actual understanding of ... well ... anything.

    Who coulda guessed that!??!!!
  21. Henry

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    like who? genuinely curious.
  22. chris

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    Anti fascists here in Portland are good even and especially when using violence to combat fascism.

    Also lol “occupies” holy shit
  23. David87

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    If they just sat down and politely debated the white supremacists, the Nazis would give up and go away.
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  24. clucky

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    gonna love the irony of someone creating a puppet account to complaining about people wearing masks
  25. sdub8686


    Ben Shapiro and Christina Hoff Sommers to name a few, the latter of which being a democrat but that doesn't seem to matter. I'm sure the response on this site will be that these people and others like them are "literally satan", but that's exactly the point. If these people have such terrible ideas no one will care. Let them speak. Let ANYONE speak, as long as they're not inciting violence.