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SetApp: Subscription Based App Store

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 26, 2017.

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    SetApp is a new subscription plan for the Mac that gives you access to a bunch of different apps for a monthly fee:

    Setapp gives you a growing suite of hand-picked apps in one signup. There’s no store — just a folder on your Mac, and no hidden costs — just a flat monthly fee. It’s simple, like shortcuts should be.

    I’ve used quite a few of these apps over the years, and there’s some good stuff in there. Personally, I like owning the software I use and prefer one time payments for a handful of apps I obsessively pick, but this is an interesting alternative. Worth looking at if you wanted to try out some new apps at least.

  2. goation


    This is probably the way most things will be in the future, but part of me just likes the idea of just buying something and owning it. Even though you save much more money this way, it is just something I am not used to.
  3. nl5011

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    Well, over time a subscription service will cost more. Which is exactly why businesses are turning to that model.
  4. tyler2tall

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    Very interested in this. Very interested in a couple of these but I feel like buying a full license would be cheaper. Might try it for a month or two to demo the software though
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  5. Brenden

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    Seems cool. I wouldn't mind doing the free trial to check some of this stuff out.