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Senses Fail w/ Reggie & The Full Effect, Have Mercy, and Household (Spring 2018) Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by Full Effect Ed, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Full Effect Ed Dec 6, 2017
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    Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    2/27 - Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory

    2/28 - Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater

    3/2 - Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

    3/3 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda

    3/5 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

    3/6 - Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum

    3/7 - Orlando, FL @ House Of Blues

    3/9 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle

    3/10 - Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage

    3/11 - Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

    3/13 - Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre

    3/14 - Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew's Hall

    3/16 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club

    3/17 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

    3/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre Of The Living Arts

    3/20 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom

    3/21 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues

    3/22 - Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre

    3/23 - Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall

    3/24 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex

    3/26 - Seattle, WA @ Neumos

    3/27 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre

    3/29 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's

    3/30 - San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park

    3/31 - Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl

    Senses Fail Announces Month-Long Tour in February & March 2018
  2. zachmacD


    the support is lame but i'll be there. I hope the next album is good and it'll be cool to see a longer set geared towards the new album. Last album release was Warped tour, the Co-headliner with Silverstein, Opening for Sum 41, then the Still Searching tour. I'm also hoping they play less songs from still searching and liey since they did both tours in the last 5 years
  3. JaytotheGee

    Trusted Prestigious

    I'll be at Cleveland. Haven't seen them play a room that small in a really long time so it should be cool
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  4. natefoundglory

    Trusted Supporter

    Super bold strategy thinking they can sell well at HoB Chicago.
  5. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    I am so excited for this. Could do without Reggie but it’ll still be a fun show.
  6. koryoreo

    Trusted Supporter

    Definitely going to this. Don't know anything about Household, but the rest of the lineup is awesome. Glad to see Senses Fail bring out an older band to appease older fans and Reggie was a blast on the Bayside/Say Anything tour.
  7. andysoto523


    Would go to this just for Reggie if this was coming closer to me.
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  8. dpninjew


    Super pumped for this. They played Gas Monkey B&G in Dallas last spring, too, and that was my first time at that venue. Now it's one of my favorite venues in the area
  9. Osceola13

    Bringin the ruckus

    I'll be at the Tampa show for sure, maybe Orlando too. I really don't wanna miss any chance of seeing Reggie.
  10. Jerihoar


    I'm excited to see Senses Fail again, I try to never miss them. Finally excited to see Have Mercy something always comes up anytime I plan to see them.
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  11. Emokid79


  12. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    When I saw Reggie open for say anything and bayside it sounded like James was going to die during every song.
  13. btr

    Trusted Supporter


    Buffalo, NY date added. 3/15 at Town Ballroom
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  14. disambigujason

    Trusted Supporter

    that is precisely what i was waiting for
  15. dorfmac


    always torn on tours where i'd much rather see the support rather than the headliner. the downside is i only get to see a half hour/45 minutes of the bands i want, but the upside is i get to leave early and get to be in bed at a normal time.
  16. maryp1603

    Hey. Supporter

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  17. Frenzyofdeceit


  18. TerrancePryor Prestigious


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  19. zachmacD


    are we expecting they play the same set as the other shows plus the ep?
  20. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Yup. Only for the home crowd.
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  21. anewhope Jan 22, 2018
    (Last edited: Jan 22, 2018)


    anyone from Southern Cali down for a roadtrip to the NJ show? hit me up
  22. young&menace


    new album is cool
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  23. johnnyferris

    Sic Parvis Magna Prestigious

    I’ll be at Santa Ana tomorrow!
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  24. Jonny Sniper


    Could you possibly get a RATFE set?
  25. johnnyferris

    Sic Parvis Magna Prestigious

    Not familiar at all with Reggie. Sorry!