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Senses Fail Talk With Substream Magazine

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Buddy Nielsen sat down with Substream Magazine to talk about the new Senses Fail album:

    Nielsen goes on to explain, “I wanted to write a career-defining record for the band, using my songwriting.” As someone who has been following Senses Fail for a long time, this was news to me. I was unaware that Nielsen was primarily just the lyricist for the band, up until the past few records. For 2013’s Renacer, he wrote one song completely on his own, and for 2015’s Pull the Thorns From Your Heart, he wrote six songs completely. For their upcoming album, If There is a Light, It Will Find You, Nielsen wrote all of them.

  2. mattylikesfilms


    If the three songs released are any indication- this record will definitely not be a career defining album.
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  3. aniafc


    Appreciate you sharing this link @Jason Tate ! Had a lot of fun talking to him.

    The new record is really, really good
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  4. zachmacD


    Lmao. I hope this isn’t the case though
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  5. mattylikesfilms


    Unless the rest of the record sounds completely different than the songs released- it definitely will be hahah
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  6. oldboot


    I agree that these songs haven't been top class Senses Fail, but everyone who has heard the full thing seems to have really glowing praise for it
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  7. SamLevi11

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    I personally like the new songs and I'm looking forward to the album. I didn't like Pull The Thorns but that was the first I disliked since their early EP's.
  8. aniafc


    I think it really flows as an album, which is something I wasn’t sure I expected at first.

    I would say it’s definitely deserving of a chance, even if people haven’t been digging the singles too much!
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  9. latortuga


    Big SF fan though I didn't really get into Thorns. Renacer is still a huge favorite of mine and I return to it regularly. I really enjoyed Double Cross and found it to be a tremendous earworm - humming for days! Looking forward to this album!
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  10. aniafc


    Hope you enjoy it!