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Self-Promotion Thread • Page 86

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Nicolette


    Also im not sure how to link to the whole channel but please subscribe to my sons minecraft youtube channel it would make him so happy!

  2. Nick Jagger


    New song from my Saved by the Bell themed band

  3. mylonelysleep


    if you're interested in folky shoegaze, dreampop, postrock, these are my bandcamp and soundcloud pages with some demos loaded and free to download.


  4. Reigel Nieva



    greetings from ourfathers. we just released a new EP last week! we're really proud of this one, and I'm hoping you all like it.

    Check it out!
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  5. JVGM music


    From the album Break up; She knows i'm right.

  6. mikehawkbiscuit


    I've got a couple of songs I've recently finished over the past 6 months as an introduction to producing music more regularly.

    I'm very thankful for any feedback anybody can provide
  7. MassaliaCR


    Check out my soundcloud profile if you like alternative rock, singing and acoustic guitar. thanks for your time. would really appreciate some feedback.

  8. Irena Aner


    Hey Everyone,

    I am about to create a fan video related to SoundCloud app, its a short motion type video approx 17 sec.

    Can you please let me know if you have any ideas how it should look like, what you would like to see in there? Shall i include any particular artist or musical instrument? If you are utilizing the app what do you like about it?

    All your opinion and ideas appreciated as it will help to understand better what fans/users of the SoundCloud like about the app. I'll try to combine all ideas together and come up with a beautiful video of the lovely app.

    Thanks a lot,
  9. Kristian_Cole


    Rainbow Squirts

  10. glamorousjosh


    Hi! I am josh.nice to meet you!
  11. Amy Powell


  12. Amy Powell


    If anyone has any time or would be super cool if you could check out my art work if anyone has any time, i was kinda struggling out financially since the pandemic so i had to start a shop up lol i sell tote bags and prints :)
  13. Mike Davis


  14. spookymulder

    first time running through a song from our debut album coming out later this year

  15. Speechermusic


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  16. ImAMetaphor

    the gore of our hearts Prestigious

    Hey everyone. This is my new EP. I hope you’re into it!
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  17. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

  18. dFATCAT


  19. maxdis


    “Parallel clouds” is the second track extracted from my album "Last year, the next day", out on April, 2nd.
    Listening with speakers / earphones is recommended. (In the piece you can easily hear an instrument I built, made of aluminum bells)
  20. vinodv


    Mozart Sonata No. 8 D major, KV 311 1. Movement - Single Piano - Recorded by Sonic PI

    Mozart Symphony No. 25 - Piano - Rendered by Sonic PI
  21. Roy sukms


  22. updownleftright

    Newbie Prestigious

    new teaser for our next single