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Self-Promotion Thread • Page 85

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. dmartinsid


  2. MannyDiller Nov 30, 2020
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    My band Nowhere Days just released our debut album!

    FFO: Loud, fast Midwestern punk rock

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  3. Deeplomatic


    Out Now! Deeplomatic Flavours, Vol.6 by Deeplomatic Recordings was released on November 20th.

    For their 108th release, Deeplomatic Recordings have curated a sixth compilation album, Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.6.

    As part of an ongoing album series that involves a mix of emerging and established house producers.
    The album is composed of 12 cuts. A range of house and its sub genres exploring the realms of tech and progressive house The artists are Amod3us with "Need to feel loved", Donluiz Musicue with "Uptown Groove", Daesmith with "Rock Gardens", Dutxe with "My Way", Gatto "I feel You", Vriends Of Mine with "Assumptions", Tony Metric "Espirales", ELZACE with "Jazz Queen", Nykko with "Groovy Kid", Taproz with "I Wanna Live", Luk Follin "Abdera"and finally DOBé and "Wallop".

    Links to Beatport and Soundcloud:

    - Deeplomatic Flavours, Vol. 6 on Beatport
    - Deeplomatic Flavours, Vol.6 on SoundCloud

  4. maxdis


    "Listening to the fog" is the first track extracted from my album "Last year, the next day", out on the beginning of 2021.
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  5. Nick1998 Dec 4, 2020
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  6. Taylor S


    T-LOR & null.dll - Deferred EP
    Finally decided to bundle a few songs an call it an EP.
    I hope someone somewhere enjoys it.
    A little dark, a little hopeful.
  7. I released two things today!

    My official sophomore album will be releasing on January 22, but the pre-orders are up on Bandcamp now, including streams/downloads of two of the songs. RIYL: Mae, Dear Hunter, Jimmy Eat World, This Day & Age, House of Heroes

    To coincide with the album announcement (as well as December's Bandcamp Friday), I'm also dropping a free homemade acoustic record, with half originals, half covers, including plenty of bands this site loves, like Paramore, Thrice, The Dangerous Summer, and more. (Downloading this album also gets you the two preorder tracks from the upcoming studio album.)

    Thanks for the support and I hope anyone who gives this a chance will enjoy it!
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  8. strummer


    A Christmas cover inspired by New Found Glory:
  9. tyler b


    hey everyone, this is the 2nd single from my EP that comes out next month. it's called "heights"


    listen and pre-order here:

    really psyched for y'all to hear the whole thing!!
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  10. hermanthehermit

    Let's fuck it up, boys! Make some noise! Supporter

    I released an EP today as well. Not sure on RIYL, so any suggestions there would be great lol.

    Bandcamp link below, but on Spotify and Apple Music, too!

  11. dwpaulin

    Lurker Supporter

    Hey everyone!
    My band POST/WAR just put out our first single in a while. Alt Rock, post hardcore, emo stuff. Would love if you gave it a listen.

  12. davidkoree


    Hi everyone, there's my band and music works, since 2005.

    Island Cycle

  13. Alumos

    Hobbyist :)

  14. foliohattu


  15. One Man's Tracks


    Throwback thrift shop music reviews: Only limited by peoples unwillingness to part with their old media. A new(old) album every week! Maybe a nostalgic revisiting or a forgotten gem from the past, come check out what albums I've discovered this year.
  16. ryken


  17. strummer


    Recorded a mashup of blink-182 and Counting Crows. Please check it out!
  18. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

    New pop punk Christmas song that I sing the big sexy hook on

  19. Whitney E Wagner



  20. ncave


    I don't know...something I made once...
  21. mintplusplus

    Do You Remember?

    Hey. I'm launching my next pin Kickstarter (and first in over a year!) this Sunday, January 3rd with a cute, charming, original, non-pop-culture-parody-but-still-topical design.

    Indoor Ghosts - Enamel Pins for Introverts & Homebodies

    If you dig it, click the pre-launch link above to sign up to stay updated on our project on Kickstarter. Follows, shares, pledges, likes, and good vibes all appreciated. Hope y'all are hanging in there. ✌
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  22. brigid


    I did this cover of the Thermals song "Pillar of Salt", had a pretty fun time with it, happy new year everyone

  23. bankiyan


    Just left uni and re-adjusting to life at home, made this EP in a couple weeks. Have been pushing music for a couple years so any feedback welcome. Keep moving in these dark times friends x

  24. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    thinking of getting in the band bootleg gang
  25. Nicolette


    Vote for Nicky to be Miss Jetset! please click on the free daily vote and help me out! I have wanted to be Miss Jetset ever since last week when they told me I get $50k if I win Thank you