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  1. phaynes12

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    covered my favorite song of all time

  2. Noah Peterson


    Here's my latest single. It's 70 seconds of some electro-synth. Enjoy!
  3. JamNHop


  4. MatthewLowry

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    Hi! Long time member of the Chorus/ family, and I wanted to share that my first ever solo EP is out now. I’m releasing a 3 EP series, and the first one is called Life. It’s out on all platforms, but I’ll link to the Spotify and Apple Music. Thanks for listening!

    Matthew Lowry - Life


    Apple Music: ‎Matthew Lowry on Apple Music
  5. Ironmonki23


    Hey guys I'm new here so I'm sure this probably won't work but here it goes. I'm and up and coming music producer and I wanna start a band something like brockhampton and the internet and I'm looking for people who wanna be down. I figure I can't be the only one who wants to put themselves out there so if you serious wanna be down hit me up here or on my Snapchat @maxskyfall007
  6. phaynes12

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  7. brad4846


  8. Jelutong


    A young British band I follow called Maggie Cassidy are big supporters of mental health. The vocalist Jamie who writes all the lyrics writes about his own experiences with mental health issues. They have one particular song called ‘Maker, Dear’ which is about his father suffering from depression and his father before him. It’s a really beautiful song. Recently, Maggie Cassidy performed an acoustic set for a fellow sufferer and one of the songs they performed is ‘Maker, Dear’. It’s available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music. I will post the link to the video if anyone would like to watch it. After watching the intro, scroll forward to 8mins 45 seconds if you want to listen to this beautiful song.
  9. mellohart

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    Gonna drop the current working demo of a track I've been working on for an EP due out in November.

    Electronic/dance. If you like Bicep, The Knife/Oni Ayhun or Prospa, you'll probably get a bit of a kick from this.

    Going through the mixing of it properly this week, this is more of a proof of concept demo.

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  10. Tom Lee Sep 12, 2019
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    Tom Lee

    Tea Leaf and ⅓ of Hora Douse.

    Hi all,

    I'm dropping a new song & video tomorrow (i.e. today as it's past midnight in the UK), and thought I'd throw it on here early. It's about working through depression, seasonal traumas, and mental isolation. For anyone who struggles in the summer.
    FFO: Phoebe Bridgers, Lomelda, Elliott Smith, etc.

    The EP will be up next week if anyone likes it, here are my links.
    Would love to hear what folks on here think, and be generally supported/validated. Thanks!
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  11. BoxPlox


    check my AMV
    i hope you enjoy it
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  12. SEANoftheDEAD


    Hey guys, my band is releasing our first single in a few weeks. We play fun synth pop type of stuff. Here's the teaser and a link to pre-save on Spotify if you're interested.

    "Parachute" By The Outright
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  13. bradsonemanband

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    Hey! Over in the Chorus Members Compilations thread we are putting together a Halloween compilation for October. Covers or originals. We'd love to get some new "blood" in on it so if anyone's interested, call out a song or two you'd like to cover, or write something original to submit!
  14. Rick Sihl


    How do I create a group here.
  15. LCDE


    Hi everyone,

    Watch our first clip, it is an animation frame by frame with good music of us


    Thank you so much for your listening
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  16. bobbyblakem


    Releasing a new Solo single this week. Figured I'd post it for some feedback here. Thanks for listening!

  17. Subfall


  18. lullabyedisco666


    dizzy, by lullabyedisco

    share this
    with anyone who likes making loud bedroom pop with a hint of lofi and lots of reverb.
    or just stuff that will put you in a dreamy trance to sleep.

    more to come, but in the meantime enjoy these 6 minutes of sound.

    sharing is caring. i dont have a FB so, if ya wanna do that,
    i'll venmo you 2oz of jo from my french press
  19. ShizzleNerds


    Hi, we've made an electro swing remix of Avengers.
  20. CaydenU


    Check out my music! I'm an aspiring artist who doesn't really have that much recognition on the internet and I'm looking for someone to finally check out my music!

  21. phaynes12

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  22. Tom Lee

    Tea Leaf and ⅓ of Hora Douse.

    Posted the lead single & video earlier on in the thread, but my new EP (Motions) is out now. It's a pretty personable & intimate set of songs, and a lot of mental & emotional delibration went into it, so I'm hoping it reaches some people here in a positive way. Here's the 'bio' -

    Motions is a concise reflection, twin, and follow-up to Disappear; further detailing a harrowing relationship with mental health, suicidal ideations, grief - all with a sense of empathy and gentle self-awareness towards themselves, and others. Unlike the previously bare-bones EP, the arrangements here are warmly expanded with piano, keyboard, and vocal support from Tom’s tour friends, as well as producer Rich Mandell (Happy Accidents). It marks a non-linear shift into themes of growth and self-help, albeit with hurdles along the way - "it’s a positive motion."

    & the Spotify:

  23. openheart


    Hi everyone,

    I stop by every now and then to listen to the singles posted in here and to drop a link to my post rock project Open Heart.

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in putting a 2- or 4-song split EP out with me?

    Message me if interested.

    Justin // Open Heart
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  24. AnaB


    Here's a little blues cover, if you like it please share.
    Thank you!
  25. Veei