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Self-Promotion Thread • Page 63

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. OliverTry


    Second song of my EP! Still a simple version with only piano & a voice.

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  2. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Mega Man X tribute.

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  3. EmoEmpire

    Husband. Dad. One-Man-Band.

    Wow you can sing man! Great voice
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  4. jesseisabigdeal


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  5. JaggySnake83


    My good friends released their second album a few days ago.

    For fans of: Older Nu-Metal (Korn, Deftones etc), Tool, Karnivool
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  6. I'm on this comp the blink-155 pod is putting out. It was a super fun project. I did 3 songs, one of which is previewed here!
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  7. Boozeradly


    Our band just released our first full length album, "Haunted Mind"

    100% proceeds from bandcamp sales are going to Brain and Behavior Research Fund, which awards grants to further scientific research in the vastly overlooked fields pertaining to mental health, as the album focuses largely on mental health due to one of our members' parents living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

    Please check it out at Haunted Mind, by Booze Radly

    Included with any purchase of the album on bandcamp will be a demo version of every song.

  8. Grodent


    Microscopic Suffering Noise/drone/dark/sludge More than just a noise band. Structured chaos, on top of low rumbling churning heavy beats. Check em out!! New to the LA scene. Relocated in 2018 from SEATTLE, WA.
    Thanx for reading!!! First show in LA at Coaxial on AUGUST 17th, 2019 with WAR HIPPY, HEX WOLVES, CRANK STURGEON, AND TBA. Microscopic Suffering
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  9. deanince


    My band Paperfriend released this EP last month. For fans of Deaf Havana, Biffy Clyro and Jimmy Eat World.

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  10. Alex Seretis


    Οne step from the edge track "Behind the walls" from the band's second CD which will be released in Autumn 2019 reached 2000+ views thanks to all of you! Thank you all so much! Stay meNtal!

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  11. EmoEmpire

    Husband. Dad. One-Man-Band.

    Holy Crap! This is awesome! Cool video too.
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  12. I’ve posted in here before but I have a Disney parks podcast and this week we go into the history of Toontown at Disneyland. Take a listen here if you’d like: Toontown: A History!
  13. nko


    Hey,my debut ep is out!If you like ambient mixed with post rock guitars,you should check it out!
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  14. Sethinstone


    21st century bossanova? unsure of what genre I'm going for. Any feedback is appreciated! Loving a bunch of work in this thread

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  15. The OK Corral Jun 27, 2019
    (Last edited: Jun 27, 2019)
    The OK Corral

    The OK Corral's new album, Stay _______. out 7/26

    New single from D.C. based indie rock band, The OK Corral. "Love Somebody" draws influence from Saves the Day and Weezer. The new album Stay _______. is out 7/26.

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  16. seaczar


    Seaczar - Stay Golden Ponyboy Prod. Con
    Give a listen lemme know your thoughts in the comments!
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  17. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Supporter

  18. badxspace


    sup everyone my name is christian aka badxspace im a rapper from texas just came out with my first song im sorry and id appreciate if you all would like and follow
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  19. Mdshakesphere


  20. fusionnetlabel



    Nick R 61 & Kendall Wa
    Title: No Borders
    Netlabel: Fusion
    Cat#: FN_55
    Style | Genre: Abstract Hip-Hop, Experimental, Glitch-Hop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Trip-hop, Lo-Fi
    Duration: 00:15:50
    Released: 07.07.2019

    -> listen and free download
  21. anahata


  22. Rob101


    Spotify We Are MILK @

    As seen on Spotify's Playlists

  23. Boozeradly


  24. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    launching a youtube channel tomorrow for guitar covers and demos, pedal demos, and maybe some music discussion. ill post the first video (it's a cover, first time im putting me singing out there so be nice!!!) tomorrow.
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  25. SaveTheEarth

    Lucipurr Supporter