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    Listen to Nostalgia Punk by Crass Weather #np on #SoundCloud
  2. Dropbox - Chase Tremaine - AIAD7 Supertrack.mp3

    Once or twice a year, I attempt to write and record an album in a day. The past six times, I've tried to make big and full productions, but I always capped out at 6 or fewer songs in 24 hours. This time, I restricted myself to just acoustic songs, and I finished the day with eleven songs! The file above has them all bounced in a single track, for ease's sake. (Both mine and yours.) Here's the breakdown:

    Album-in-a-Day Project, Volume 7
    Written & Recorded on April 4, 2019
    Song 1 - 0:00 - Work Together (pop/rock, 2:15am)
    Song 2 - 3:44 - Two Ghosts (indie folk/pop, 4:54am)
    Song 3 - 7:24 - Shock My Ears (pop/rock, 6:26am)
    Song 4 - 10:05 - Wings Not Made to Fly (narrative rock, 9:42am)
    Song 5 - 14:59 - Design Team Song (workplace comedy, 10:02am)
    Song 6 - 16:32 - Search for Myself (pop, 1:18pm)
    Song 7 - 19:52 - Settled in the Unsettled (folk/americana, 3:23pm)
    Song 8 - 23:16 - From Throne to Throne (alt metal/narrative rock, 5:44pm)
    Song 9 - 28:08 - Three/Four (experimental pop, 8:58pm)
    Song 10 - 32:14 - Four/Four (experimental pop, 10:18pm)
    Song 11 - 34:22 - Heart Reset (indie folk/pop, 11:59pm)

    If you choose to check this out, thank you! And if you like it, let me know! I'll be releasing an official/professionally recorded EP this spring, so I'd love to get you info about it.
  3. gary is my bud and this has my full endorsement.
  4. Graham Stansfield


    Let me know what you think of this! Instrumental guitar album featuring Marco Sfogli, enjoy....

  5. Rejyr


    I've been following this channel for quite a while and I want to share it to all of you because I like it a lot. He does games, films and series covers once a week. I really hope you check it out and subscribe.
  6. vnsmrnv


    New EP “Terrikon” by Deprimerad

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    Hey my band Guardrail just put out a video for our new single "Jane". Song was recorded with Nick Diener (The Swellers), it'll be up on Spotify and all that in a week. Thanks :heart:

  9. Devin Sunshine


    New Single just dropped. would appreciate if you checked it out!
    'SAVE IT' by DevinSunshine

  10. Tom Lee

    Tea Leaf and ⅓ of Hora Douse.

    Just posted a live session, featuring my pals in Fresh & ME REX from our UK-EU tour last month. Hope y'all like! (FFO: Kevin Devine, Phoebe B, Elliott Smith, etc.) Their videos are up too!
  11. James Crowley


    Hi all,

    I released my debut on Friday, and it would be great if you checked it out/ let me know what you think.


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  13. miguelrl


    Requiem Laus - "The Future" (Official 2019)
  14. brendanmachow

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    I'm releasing an album on April 22nd. Alt-rock, give it a listen. Hope you like.

  15. openheart


    Hi everyone,

    I just put out a three-song post rock EP. One of the songs is a cover of Foxing's "Slapstick".

    Hope you find a moment to give it a listen.

    Thank you.
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    Hi! We're Maybe Not, an Amsterdam based Punkrock band and we released our debut Album last week.
    Listen to it following the links above and let us know what you think!
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    Loud Alternative from Nashville
  18. fusionnetlabel


    [FN_53] Nick R 61 - Into the mind
    Style | Genre: Abstract Hip-Hop, Big Beat, Darkbient, Electronic, Experimental, Fusion, Glitch
    CHECK ->
  19. Mood in Music


  20. Mood in Music


  21. Alex Seretis


    Hello! A new track entitled "Behind the Walls" from "One step from the edge" second full length cd:

    We hope you like it! Have fun!
  22. Elistios


    This is my friend Pop/Punk/Rock band called Crown Vic :) They just putted out their first official clip so I'm sharing it here with everyone :) Enjoy!

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    My cover of Andrew W.K.'s "It's Time To Party" is now live.

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    We are the future. Our music is what this music industry desperately needs. A fresh sound, something that will shock people.

    We are a two man band who goes by the name Shugar. We choose not to identify with one specific genre, instead mixing a few very powerful genres including rock, metal, electronica and EDM. Our goal is to create music that is original and unique, yet include some familiarity. We are two very passionate individuals who have been involved in music for a majority of our lives and want to take it to the next level, express our creativity, and most importantly be heard.

    Our latest original song: