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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. David Parke

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  2. Alex Seretis


    Hello from Ioannina, Greece! We are “One step from the edge” and we are happy to inform you that we have just released the first track “Believe” from our second still untitled cd which will be released in 2019. You can listen to it here:
  3. Novesia

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  4. bigboyblack


    whats up my names big boy black im a rapper from texas and and i just want y'all to check out my new song new new and tell me what you think
  5. Jdaniels


    Daniels on the Rocks just released a short 18-minute Christmas EP on Spotify iTunes Amazon Google Deezer title whatever your music streaming of choices and I would love if you would go check it out it's called Christmas on the rocks.

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  6. thegreatbenbino

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    I know this isn't music, but I couldn't really find anywhere else on here to shamelessly promote my art... so you guys will have to either scroll past this or watch it. I suggest watching.

  7. leahcimbackword

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    this is a live recording, from a planned live/acoustic album coming in a couple weeks
    its probably my favorite song ive ever written
    im proud of it, so im posting it.
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  8. Linton9488


    Guys and girls, check out this new EP if you're into bands such as Thrice, Anberlin, Angels & Airwaves, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, The Living End, Story of the Year, U2, Panic! at the disco.

    [Spotify height="390" uri="
  9. JRGComedy

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    I wrote and directed this video, which has music in it!

  10. heartmorke


  11. teenagemustache

    I used to be prestigious...

    Just released some electronic music under my old project name, Those Damn Bloodsuckers. It's kinda trip hoppy/chill/ambient.