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Seinfeld TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by MrRobot, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    Let's talk about Seinfeld

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Kennedy Prestigious

    Your face is my case
  4. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    Hulu is worth paying for to have Seinfeld at the instant you want it alone.
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  5. Kennedy Prestigious

    I torrented every single episode lol
  6. I remember quite a few years back I ripped through all the seasons on DVD with the added 'notes about nothing' feature. All side notes about each episode and of course a boyfriend/girlfriend counter for the crew. I believe George had the most girlfriends.
  7. T.J.

    music and baseball. Supporter

    The only reason I got Hulu.
  8. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    Do any of you have friends that just loathe Seinfeld? I sure do and I kind of feel bad for them when they admit it for the first time to people because they usually get blasted for their opinion lol. I do disagree though as I think it's an iconic show that I'll always remember fondly since I watched it growing up and still enjoy reruns today. I think it will be interesting for kids growing up today to watch old Seinfeld episodes because I wonder if the intricacies of social interactions that the show often jokes about will makes sense to them with how differently people communicate and interact these days.
  9. Kennedy Prestigious

    When I meet people that don't like Seinfeld i get genuinely confused about it... I always try to see where there coming from but then I think to myself, "okay no, they're just so wrong I can't even pretend to understand that opinion"

    Last girl I dated hated Seinfeld and I knew that relationship wasn't going to last long.
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  10. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    I think younger generations can still see things like It's Always Sunny and then go and watch Seinfeld and see a lot of definite influence and be able to appreciate it, even if they're quite a few years removed from having experienced the 90s.
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  11. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    I dated a girl who HATED Parks & Rec and it was honestly a huge red flag for me haha. That show is so positive and feel-good I just couldn't understand disliking it let alone hating it. Turned out her opinion of Parks & Rec was a good indicator of her personality and outlook on life.
  12. Kennedy Prestigious

    Haha. I mean, I think like sense of humor says a lot about a person. If two people generally don't think the same things are funny, usually they won't become friends, or wanna date etc... When I think about all my best friends, we all laugh at the same things, that's generally how inside jokes form and friends become friends.

    But yeah, as weird as it sounds, I think that kind of stuff can in some circumstances be red flags for that reason.
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  13. Fucking Dustin

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  14. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    Love George's answering machine. Best character on the show I think. The mere thought of the Human Fund: Money for People still cracks me up.
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  15. Steve_JustAGuy


    This actually sounds like the premise of a Seinfeld episode, at least similar to the one where Jerry's girlfriend caught his act and didn't like it.
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  16. iam1bearcat

    i'm writing a book, leave me alone.

    There's a really wild new fan theory about the show / George / his parents. Was a really neat read (article on Cracked) and knowing how continuity-centric Larry David is/was I believe the theory for shits and giggles.

    One of the best shows of all time.
  17. razorburn Apr 18, 2016
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    My absolute favourite show of all-time. Gets better and better with every re-watch.
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  18. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    My favorite episode was on the other day, "The Little Kicks". DEATH BLOW!
  19. Kingjohn_654

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    My wife doesn't like this shiw because she hates George. I told her that I am George.
  20. Richter915

    Trusted Prestigious

    But Jerry! We're gonna miss the deathblow!
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  21. Richter915

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    time for a new wife. Buy some cheap envelopes.
  22. WordsfromaSong


    Seinfeld has been watched in my house for as long as I can remember, it's pretty much ingrained in my DNA at this point.
  23. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    Death Blow...when someone tries to blow you up not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether
  24. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

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  25. Richter915

    Trusted Prestigious

    This and Arrested Development are the only two shows that with every watch I'll find something new to laugh about.