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Seems Like Taylor Swift Is Doing Well

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 26, 2019.

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    According to a press release from Republic Record, Taylor Swift’s Lover has surpassed over 2 million global consumption in the first day and generated the year’s “biggest first-week US sales in just 24 hours.” The full press release can be found below.

    On release day, Taylor Swift’s Lover has surpassed over 2 million global consumption. Additionally, Lover generates the year’s biggest first-week US sales in just 24 hours.
    Lover is the ten-time GRAMMY® Award-winning, record-breaking superstar’s seventh album. Taylor Swift’s juggernaut arrives as a fan favorite and currently ranks as Taylor’s highest rated critically acclaimed album on Metacritic.

    Here is what the critics are saying about Lover:

    “Lover is a career-topping masterpiece” – Rolling Stone

    “The superstar’s writing is better than it’s ever been on her latest album” – Rolling Stone

    “The old Taylor is back on Lover and the best she’s been in years” – Vulture

    “Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Is A Masterful, Heartfelt Pop Spectacle” – Forbes

    “Critics are falling in love with Taylor Swift’s latest album Lover” – USA Today

    “Lover offers plenty of evidence that Swift is just a better songwriter than any of her competitors in the upper echelons of pop” – Guardian

    “Lover is an album of revelation through pain that sees Swift pushing herself in surprising ways…some of the most intriguing lyrics of her career” – The Atlantic

    “It is a towering work that’s worth both close analysis on headphones and scream-alongs on stadium speakers.” – Billboard

    “Taylor Swift’s Lover Could Hold the Key to Pop Music’s Survival” – Vanity Fair

    “Taylor Swift’s triumphant new album Lover” – The Sun

    “Lover is a return to vulnerability and romance” – Pitchfork

    “Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ is grown-up, complex pop” – LA Times

    “Swift’s vocals are also in peak form throughout, with varied timbres and layers of harmony and spontaneous sounding interjections that constantly catch me by surprise” – Slate
    “Taylor Swift Emerges From the Darkness Unbroken on ‘Lover’” – The New York Times

  2. DandonTRJ

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    I literally have no idea what "2 million global consumption" means. Is that a rolled-up figure of sales and album-equivalent streams?
  3. macbethfan

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    LOL at that headline. :crylaugh::crylaugh:
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  4. joey-wan kenobi

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    But it’s not even that great, is the disappointment in it all. Perhaps the album will be a grower for me, but then again - music ADD in 2019 means I may just forget about it.
  5. heymattrick

    Denver, CO

    When I listened to Reputation for the first time, I didn’t think I was going to love it or have much staying power, and that didn’t turn out to be the case. Some songs on there I really love.

    This album, however, on first listen I really did enjoy most of the songs. Still hoping 1-2 will really rise up as super favorites (like Don’t Blame Me did), but will still need a few more listens. I think Cruel Summer continues to be the one I go back to the most.
  6. ARo24

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    I think it’s great. I could do without Me but there’s plenty of other solid tracks to make up for it.
  7. Zip It Chris

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    Well someone that compares everything she does to All to Well, this album is as close as it gets imo
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  8. fredwordsmith

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    She picked the WORST singles. Eliminate those from the record entirely and a couple other tracks and I think it's right there with 1989.
  9. Spenny


    Totally agree with this. Could have lost a couple of tracks (ME!, I Forgot That You Existed and London Boy primarily, maybe You Need To Calm Down could have been left off the album and released as a standalone single) and it would have been slightly more consistent. As it stands, it's a great album with a few pieces of filler.
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