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Scott Russo from Unwritten Law • Page 3

Discussion in 'Official AMA Chats' started by Jason Tate, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    The big money is Delfinately gone from the industry for bands like us. But people can still make a living. This is all I've ever done. But touring and Merch is really the only way to do that now. Record sales help but not much anymore
  2. Ben182TX


    Gonna go and get the physical copy of this album tonight. I love Unwritten Law so much...I wish your current tour with Fenix*TX would have stopped in Cincinnati while you were in Ohio!
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  3. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    Nice trip back in time. Little different to the early days. And we didn't get kicked off this time
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  4. Fox83


    I don't expect a response to this or anything, but I had a memory come out of nowhere. Maybe Scott will remember or at least appreciate it.

    I was listening to Loveline on the radio years and years ago. UL was on there promoting Music in High Places. They played Rest of My Life on the air and Dr. Drew mentioned that the rendition had a timeless feel to it. He said it sounded like it could have existed in the 70's even. I don't know why that moment stood out to me, but I always think of it when I listen to that album. It was high praise. I doubt it stuck with the guys in UL at the time but it impacted me a bit as a listener.
  5. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    We'll have copies :)
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  6. Meltingplastic


    Back in 2007, UL played Drexel University and you appeared quite inebriated on stage. This actually turned me off from ULs music especially with some of the comments that were made during that set. Since that time, have you gotten help for any additions you may have and how has that impacted your writing/style?
  7. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    I don't remember much of that stuff these days but I know the song has stuck with people. We still play it at shows now.
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  8. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    We have our moments. You never know what you're gonna get. We always play as well as we can. But the road takes its toll sometimes
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  9. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    We don't really sit around together and write like we used to. It's usually a few of us emailing ideas and then creating it that way
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  10. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    Not at all. That song is written in a way that I didn't even consider it a single, but our A&R guy told us it was a hit, and thank god he did!
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  11. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    We don't really play that one anymore but I love it just the same
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  12. kpatrickwood

    Give what you can. Supporter

    Thanks for stopping by, I've been listening to you guys for over 15 years (which feels fuckin weird to think about) and I'm stoked you guys are still alive and kicking.

    Anyways, If you were given your own tv channel, what kinda shit would you show on it?
  13. Ben182TX


    I wish that Shallow would have made it onto this acoustic album too. It is my favorite song of your all's
  14. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

  15. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    I play it some nights but it didn't fit with what we were trying to create
  16. maxracer


    sorry for the late post.... scott i really enjoyed listening to the new album stream. will likely pick it up. stay up
  17. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Just wanted to say I saw you guys for the first time in Seattle last year. I know a lot of stuff went wrong on that show, but I want you guys to know I still had a blast! You guys were hilarious and handled it all really well! Good crowd, too...

    I moved to LA at the end of last summer and got to see you guys open up this tour in Pomona, so thanks for being there in the transition!

    Any other 'memories' of shows that didn't go quite as planned?

    Thank you for all the awesome music!
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  18. Schooner


    Scott, how come you and Philthy Phil Jamieson never started a project together, I'm forever grateful for that Elva influence on Grinspoons New Detention album, you can hear it on it and it's my fave Grinners CD for it
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  19. Scott Russo

    Unwritten Law Verified

    Sorry everyone, sound check happening. Might try come back and answer what I missed later.

    Thank you everyone xx
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  20. Thanks again for doing with with us @Scott Russo. Have a great show.
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  21. Damien Davies

    take me over Supporter

    I've noticed you censored the songs, most noticeably on "Save Me" was that because they didn't really fit into the whole acoustic aesthetic or was there another reason behind that?

    Edit: Well, hopefully he comes back.
  22. justastupidkid


    Hi Scott, I've been to numerous Unwritten Law shows and consider you guys to be one of my all time favorites.

    A couple of quick questions

    Since the release of Elva, the line-up has undergone some significant changes. With Wade back in the fold, I'm curious what, if any, relationship you have with the previous members?

    UL is pretty notorious for taking ages to release material. I know acoustic just came out, but any plans to release new music with the full band in the near future?

    And finally something very esoteric. Back around the time of Mourning, your song Home In Paradise was used as the theme to a quickly cancelled TV show called the North Shore. I can't comment on the quality of the show, like apparently the rest of America, I never tuned in, but I'm enamored with that clip. A demo version of the song eventually surfaced (
    ) but the version that was in the show had some different lyrics and the most amazing lead in with a slide guitar (

    Was a full studio version with that bridge ever recorded or was it just a 30 second touch up of something that didn't make the record that you used for the show?

    Thanks for all the great tunes and great times over the years.
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  23. JulieLynn

    Resident Eye-roller Supporter

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello to Scott!