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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by kidinthebushes, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. lifestartsmusic

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    Going tonight. What time has Say Anything been going on?
  2. Anti-Counter-Culture


    I'd say around 9:30 or 10. It was pretty late when they came out in Pittsburgh.
  3. MegT585

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    At the Philly date last week Max said that they were "planning something big to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of in defense of the genre". Hopefully a tour?
  4. rebecca


    I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy Say Anything's set because of the set list, but they still did a great job with the songs they played so I was able to get really into it. Teen Suicide and mewithoutYou were both really good too. I wasn't very into Museum Mouth, but they weren't bad. The sound quality at the venue I was at (the Palladium in Worcester) is always terrible, but it got better for Say Anything's set thankfully.
  5. Eric


    That would be awesome. Especially considering they've only been playing one song from the album on this tour. Actually maybe that's why
  6. supernovagirl

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    I went to this unexpectedly last night (my friend didn't want to go alone and bought my ticket). I have to say that having not listened to Say anything in like 10 years, I was surprised. clearly their newer stuff is a completely different beast than I thought. I will say that it was disappointing to only know a few songs. I am bummed, but not altogether surprised, they didn't play Wow I can get sexual too
  7. Kuri44


    Hey guys, unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Say Anything/Modern Baseball show in Austin tomorrow (May 28th). Since that was going to start the celebration of my birthday, May 29th, I've decided that in keeping the good spirits going for my birthday, I'll give one of y'all two tickets as a gift. Let me know if interested and I can email them to you.
  8. travisred

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    Looking for an extra ticket for the show tonight in ATX if any one has one?