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Saves The Day Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by muttley, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. muttley

    "Fuck you, Peaches!" Prestigious

  2. suburban myth

    Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria Prestigious

    I've heard of these guys - pretty good from the song or two I've heard.
  3. suburban myth

    Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria Prestigious

    Also, In Reverie is the greatest record I've ever heard.
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  4. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    This band grows on me more with time. He's very distinctive as a singer and writer.
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  5. wanting a saves the day tattoo
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  6. suburban myth

    Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria Prestigious

    I've got an appointment scheduled in May to get the dead bird from the cover of in reverie on my right forearm... I'm pretty stoked about it!
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  7. CoffeeEyes17

    Reclusive-aggressive Prestigious

    Listened to Stay What You Are earlier and its just wonderful. I was reading lyrics along with my listen and I forget how incredibly dark the album is despite its upbeat nature.

    Also I downloaded a version of SWYA a while ago that had like 1/4 of each track cut out. Each song was around 1:30-2:00 long and I was like "damn, this is a short album" until I realized how abrupt each song ended.
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  8. Lindsay M

    drunk on the radio waves

    This happened to me with an old coheed song I downloaded from limewire when I was like 12, and I thought it was 2 minutes long for about 10 years
  9. ever since I first saw you, standing in the black frozen night, I've been blind

    saves saves saves
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  10. AndrewSoup

    It's A Secret To Everyone Prestigious

    i honestly don't really care to get a new Two Tounges record, i just want more Saves :verysad:
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  11. agreed, Crawl was the only two tongues song I really ever went back to
  12. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    You should revisit the Two Tongues record....... there's a lot of great stuff on there
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  13. @irthesteve I've seen two people say nice things about it today.....I'll have to give it a full listen, haven't in a very very long time
  14. writing an anniversary thing for Sound The Alarm and trying hard not to yell BURNING A DOOR IN THE BACK OF MY MIND in this coffee shop
  15. FlayedManOfSF


    I have one. Absolutely love it.
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  16. what's it of? pretty sure I'm getting "stay what you are" when I graduate
  17. FlayedManOfSF


    I've got the bird from In Reverie in the hand on my arm. I had him put his own spin on it so it's not as cartoonish and very colorful.
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  18. elphshelf

    100% made of farts Supporter

    Tomorrow Too Late is a severely underrated jam.
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  19. Sophos


    I love this band so much, in reverie is their best. I was super surprised at how much I loved self titled when I heard it last year. Huge step up from daybreak. Great tight pop songwriting, the same thing I love about IR
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  20. One of my very favorites
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  21. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

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  22. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Not too bad of a lineup
  23. omg
  24. I'd have a blast at a SWYA show. I listened to that album the other day for the first time in a while, and it was as great as ever.
  25. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    want a swya tour so badly