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Saves the Day Tease Tour and New Music

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Chelsey Norris noted in their Saves the Day live review that the band mentioned they’d be touring with Joyce Manor this summer:

    One positive bit of news that came out of this experience – Conley says that fans will not have to wait as long to hear new music from the band this time around. “We’ll keep writing,” he told me. “I think we’ll probably have a new album out next year.”

    He also let it slip that they’ll be going on tour with Joyce Manor this summer, so look for that announcement soon.

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  2. alkalinexandy

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    Pretty excited about the prospect of a Saves the Day/Joyce Manor tour.
  3. campeondeluniverso


    so wet i'm dehydrated.
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  4. TJ Wells

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    So would Joyce manor be headlining that? I know they’ve been getting pretty big quickly.
  5. reachingfor

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    Seeing them this Thursday and can’t wait! I’m still trying to find a full setlist for their current tour.
  6. popdisaster00

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    So stoked bout this! I love saves!
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  8. HelloThisIsDog

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    Ahhhhh yes!!!!
  9. skullbird


    Really enjoyed the last song on the latest record... gave me serious Daybreak/Undress Me vibes.. which are some suuuper unique vibes.. Also, Suzuki is objectively, a great song.
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  10. josh-

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    Hopefully Joyce does headline
  11. TJ Wells

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    Hopefully it's at least co-headlining.
  12. Thats a cool tour!
  13. ccr_2108


  14. Bartek T.

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    Never though Joyce Manor is big enough to be considered as a headliner on top of Saves The Day ;o
  15. TJ Wells

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    Last time Joyce Manor played here they played an 800 cap and Saves the Day played a 300 cap last night.
  16. Bartek T.

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    Woah ;D that's how it goes, I suppose ;d
  17. reachingfor

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  18. Mikeydude91


    No stage diving
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