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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by musicfan9795, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. musicfan9795

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    Tay Jardine, Mike Ferri, and Cameron Hurley from We Are the In Crowd

    Getting a Paramore s/t vibe from this
  2. Eric Wilson

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    Loving the new song.
  3. beachdude

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    I dig this.
  4. tomtom94


    I can see why they didn't put it out under the WATIC banner. I wonder if she's been talking to Jenna McDougall, reminds me a bit of Limitless only with that retro synth as well.
  5. Eric Wilson

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  6. AndrewSoup

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    i LOVE the strong pop vibes on here. i can't wait for an official album announcement too!
    also, isn't Rob in this project too?
  7. mattfreaksmeout

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    New EP coming this Friday. She's also teasing physical pre-orders and more announcements this week, so I'm guessing there will be a tour announced. I'm pretty excited, I'm really really rooting for her.
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  8. Eric Wilson

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    Awesome to hear the EP is coming out at the end of the week.
  9. ryanfears


    I seriously don't understand why this wasn't just put out under WATIC. This really isn't far off from Weird Kids apart from instrumentation. Besides, Rob obviously left since he's making bank by capitalizing off his dog and a friend of mine knows Jordan, who said he got sick of touring. Either way, a tour would be sick since it's basically like seeing WATIC live.
  10. Penguin

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    I can't remember where I saw it, but I heard they kept it separate from WATIC in case Rob and Jordan wanted to join again since they didn't want to continue without them.
  11. The Lucky Moose

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    I only now realized that this is a thing that actually lead to music being released. I thought WATIC was cool and I really like this too. The lead singer has a great voice. I hope it works out for them, though I'm afraid it isn't catching on all that much.
  12. AndrewSoup

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    i just recently found out what you meant by this; i only just found that "Doug the Pug" page, didn't know that was his dog! slightly baffled by the sheer amount of press/attention/monetization he gets out of his pet while at the same time not at all surprised due to a collective love of dogs
  13. The Lucky Moose

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    I just googled Doug the Pug and his owner is called Leslie Mosier?
  14. AndrewSoup

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    wait, is that not Rob's dog? okay, then i STILL don't know what's going on, lol
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  15. The Lucky Moose

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    I've listening to this EP a lot and I think it might be my favorite pop punk release of the year. It's really good imo.