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  1. cameoutswingin


    This tour has an amazing package of support bands, best the the greatest generation tour imo. So hyped for Tuesday
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  2. Jusscali

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    I mean they picked up speed after a rough start but they were just there for me. At least just friends were fun? Still not sure how to make sense of them lol

    Mom Jeans surprised me - really enjoyed their set - hadn’t heard of them before.

    TWY and FYS killed it. Almost wish FYS ended up the lead into State Champs (the home crowd just loves it). I mostly went to see the Maine and honestly, they left a lot to be desired. Jon spent a great deal of time having the crowd sing all of the more difficult parts or talking through great moments in songs. In general his vocal let me down. Charismatic af but...just okay.

    I could care less about Mayday but it’s the third time I’ve ended up seeing them in the last 15 months and they put on as good of show that can be had playing the same generic Emo song 12 times in a row. He really does a nice job and I definitely think I enjoy them more having warmed up at the live show.

    State Champs - despite cooling on them after their first record came out - was fantastic. They generally are great, but tonight especially.

    On a completely other note...crowd surfing needs to go. I saw too many people getting hurt tonight at the barricade because full grown Bros and incredibly overweight people thought it wise to ride on the backs of little girls up front. I just think it takes a special kind of asshole to expect people to carry their load while trying to watch a show they paid for. It’s annoying and unsafe. You are just too fucking big. Sure everyone should get to experience it once...but when a larger human goes up 5 6, 7 times in one show...holy fuck they suck. Let’s just be real...Don’t be that human.
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  3. CTFFEMT93


    Just a guess but with the way it seems like it’s been rotating who do you think will headline tmorrow night?
  4. BelieF


    Shocked if it’s not State Champs. Side note would hate to have to stay til the end if it’s twy.
  5. CTFFEMT93


    Well SC headlined last night. I don’t see them doing two nights in a row. It honestly could be a toss up between them and TWY. Just because they both have significant fanbases in the area due to hometown proximity. Though if it’s the Maine headlining I wouldn’t be sad about having to dip out early either lol
  6. Mister Lyrical

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    If you skip The Maine on this festival you’re fucking up. They sound incredible now and their stage presence is almost on a whole different level than the rest of the bands.
  7. CTFFEMT93


    I’ve never really gotten into them over the years. But I’ll see.
  8. JaytotheGee

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    Damn wish TWY would just throw in WSP to the set
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  9. thisisnotbrianm


    The Maine is closing tomorrow.
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  10. Jusscali

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    They are my favorite of all of the bands at the festival by a long shot but sadly they were just not that good in Wooster. Swagger and charisma, yes, but sonically (mainly him) - not great.
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  11. Pepetito

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    Nothing from the Upsides and only Came out Swinging from Suburbia is bumming me out big time considering those are my two favorite albums of theirs.
  12. J12


    I had a lot of fun in Worcester. Arrived at around 1:30, got in quickly, walked around and checked things out, then settled in to a nice spot down near the barricade on the left hand side (near the ADA section and the bands entrance/exit to the backstage area.)

    I really enjoyed Just Friends, Stand Atlantic, and Mom Jeans. I listened to a lot of their stuff going in, so I was vaguely familiar with the music and thought they all sounded great.

    The Wonder Years (my main reason for attending) was as impressive as usual. I was bummed they had a shorter set than the three "main" headliners, but oh well. This was my first time not seeing them from the guardrail and it was neat to kind of take in their stage presence as a whole.

    Four Year Strong sounded great. I've grown out of that band completely at this point and haven't listened to them with any regularity for 6-7 years. Every time I saw them back in the day, I thought they sounded pretty messy. This was a totally different experience. Really tight, everything sounded great, tons of energy.

    I have to agree with Jusscali on The Maine. I absolutely love their last three records and You Are OK is the frontrunner for my album of the year. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed their performance but John didn't sound all that great and definitely was skipping entire parts of songs. "Heaven, We're Already Here", which was my most anticipated song of the set, wound up being one of the worst because he pretty much skips the pre-chorus.

    I left my spot near the front to hang in back for Mayday Parade. They sounded really good, and their set was sort of perfect for this atmosphere. The friend I went with has never been a fan of theirs and she was blown away by the "Mr. Brightside" cover. I was too.

    We were happy State Champs played last, because it meant we got to take off early. Nothing against them, but they were my least anticipated band of the tour and I was perfectly content scooting out early, beating the traffic, and getting a head start of on the 3+ hour drive home.

    A quick look around at merch throughout the day, coupled with the line to meet one of the SC dudes indicated to me that they were the most popular band on the tour, which is just insane to me, but hey. To each their own.

    Oh, one last thing - shout out to the Palladium staff and the crew of the tour too. One dude working side stage, in particular, was handing waters out to us all afternoon and evening. He gave my friend and I each three bottles and asked a fourth time if we were all good. And there were a couple of older ladies in the ADA section with misting bottles spraying kids who were coming out from crowd surfing. Super cool.
  13. Joshua


    I went to the philly date Saturday, and definitely saw the day differently than those who went the the worechester date. Worriers was a good start to the day, they definitely stuck out in terms of sound compared to the rest of the day but was glad to see them play. Just friends came pretty soon after and they had my favorite crowd of the day. Unorganized kongo lines, wonderful stage banter, and overall such a fun set, if anyone is thinking of showing up late I wouldn't. Stand atlantic sounded great, they just got a new member recently and he seemed absolutely pumped to be there so that was cool to see. I'm not really into mom jeans, so I filled up my water and checked out the merch during their set. State champs and mayday Parade both sounded really good, but for the most part they both put together pretty typical setlists so I wasn't floored by either of them, gotta have the crowd pleaser songs in there but I just wish to see more variety from both of them. The Maine and the wonder years pretty much reminded me why I bought tickets to this thing, favorite time seeing both of them. I complained about the long set time gaps before the show but with how hot it was I really needed those 30 minutes between each set to cool off, especially with it being an outdoor stage. The set up for the philly date was perfect, hope this fest becomes a regular thing for atleast a couple years, even if you only like 2 or 3 acts on it I think it's worth the price of admission, even the people I know who left early/showed up late had a great time so I know I won't hesitate to buy tickets to the next one
  14. BelieF


    Crazy cause they were pretty bad the last two times I saw them. Doesn’t take away from their albums tho.
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    silly question but are we allowed to bring in screen lotion? trying not to get burned lol
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    What is wrong with you :(

    This is the proper answer
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  20. meggers


    Yes. I’m not sure about spray sunscreens, that depends on the venue.
  21. pauljgreco

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    Travel sizes only for Philly at least. Between the 6 people I went with we had two bigger bottles and both got taken. They're selling "sadscreen" at the festival merch tent for $10 though...
    They claimed the bigger bottle was a hazard due to it being a projectile I could throw, but I was allowed to bring in and fill up my 32oz plastic Nalgene water bottle that is bigger and harder plastic lol
  22. emojedi


    Man I wish ATL was on this tour.
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  23. CTFFEMT93


    So are each of the last four bands getting 40 minute sets or what is the deal
  24. TDenverFan


    Depends on the venue. Baltimore did not allow you to bring it in
  25. darkstorms139


    Would be ideal and possible to have them headline next year if this hopefully keeps going.
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