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    Ryan just strikes me as one of those ADHD creative types (no offense intended) for lack of a better term who is always going to be changing things up even when working well. I'm sure he thought the Cardinals were great too......but he's always boppin' and movin', you know? I just wish he'd go back to them at some point. OK to do both! Some Cardinals, some non. Give us the whole repertoire, man. I'm sure he writes some songs that would be better served with that full band sound and others that don't fit in that particular box
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    He seemed all-in on the Cardinals for a long time. I remember he talked about wanting their records to be labelled just "The Cardinals," without his name attached. And about Neal Casal possibly starting to contribute songs. This was during the Cardinology era, I believe. I'm not sure what happened there.
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    Ugh. Why?
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    Am I the only fan who doesn't really care about "Blackhole". I'd obviously listen to it if it ever surfaces, but I'd rather three brand new and recent albums.

    It also seems pretty weird that he's premiered 2 new tracks and we still can't pre-save "Big Colours" on Apple Music.
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    I think the fan obsession over Blackhole would’ve slowly died off for most fans if he hadn’t hyped it up again last year, even posting the cover art for it on his Twitter and saying he hoped we could hear it soon.

    That’s just mean.
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    Anyone in SoCal knows, this is perfect timing
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    Holy shit, a JM solo. That will be awesome
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    7" that comes with some versions of Big Colors with 2 additional non-album tracks "Anybody Evil" & "The Opposite of Love" -->

    Big Colors LP + 7" (Black)
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    I really like Fuck The Rain
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  14. Love Fuck The Rain. Has that catchy guitar that Ryan is so good at writing.
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    I love the lyrics, and how every thing resolved with ‘flowers for brains and permanent sunshine’. Kinda odd ball structure that Ryan is so good at.
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    can anyone send me "Doylestown Girl" and "Manchester"?