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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I’m an Apple Music guy. Seems to have a lot of my likings available than Spotify. Plus I’m on a family plan lol.

    Headphones, I recommend Jaybird Tarah Pro’s or the Jaybird Run 2’s

    Both are waterproof, quick charging (2 hours with 5 minute charge I think), and have an insane battery life. Sound quality is on point too.

    Tarah Pros have a 14 hour battery life and a cable attaching ear buds. I have these and they’ve been through the ringer. Still holding up great.

    If you want earbuds, the Run 2’s are gonna be closest to AirPods. But the battery life on the Run 2’s is 12 hours I think.
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  2. Supernova

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    Apple Music all the way(mostly). I did Spotify for years along with my large local library in iTunes on my phone and it finally got to where I wanted to only use one, so I went with AM. The Apple Music matching algorythm has got night/day better so all your stuff like b-sides/demos will upload to the the iCloud Music library and not screw up your library organization. One reason why I waited to do Apple Music was for them to fix that big issue, and they did. I think Spoity may have the better playlists and mixes, but honestly I never used those then or now.

    For headphone I use the Plantronics Backbeat Fit. I can wear them for hours at a time and not get ear fatigue. They don't "seal" off your ear canal so you can kinda hear stuff around you if you don't have them blaring(safety). I think this helps with any ear fatigue. However if you want to completely block out the world around you I would look at something different. As AlwaysEvolving said I know JayBird makes some good ear buds for sure.
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  3. bedwettingcosmo

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    damn its been a minute. hope y'all are in for a good racing spring/summer
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  4. Supernova

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    Hell yeah. First run yesterday on a "hot" day. 86 degrees hottest day of the year so far and it felt great and of course draining in the heat.

    Have been taking a bit of time off running due to a spell of peroneal tendonitis. It's got better over time at least since 3 weeks ago. Went to a world class chiropractic athletic physical therapy center and he's got me working on some lower back exercises. He thinks some of the problems I've had with my left leg is due to some lower back weakness and a bit of scoliosis. He believes it's overall a neurological issue stemming from the lower back stuff. He feels its something I can correct. The Dr knows what he's talking about and not just treating the symptoms but finding the root cause. Has me feeling hopeful. I don't like being a injured POS every 7 months.

    Had a 50k planned for May 5th, but dropped to the 13.1 option due to current fitness. Has me bummed I cant do the 50k, but it's the smart thing to do. Excited I still get to be out there in this beautiful part of Virginia.

    And lastly, hold me back from buying new road shoes. I don't need them but I want them. (clearance Altra Torin 3.5)
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    i'm altra fan boy for life. get themmmm
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  6. Good to hear you’re back on track! The body is a weird thing, man. I’ve been having a weird calf issue. Like it’s almost fatigue, but there’s no reason it should be. I dialed back on my intensity and it seems to be doing better.

    I have a 50k this June so it should be nice and hot out! Plus the course will be 100% exposed.

    I’ve never ran in Altras. Mainly bc I’m more of a 4-8mm drop guy and wear custom orthotics, but you should get them. I buy shoes I don’t need all the time.

    No ragrets.
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    I'm going to show my wife you guy's posts so be prepared for a barrage of direct messages from my account that's actually her yelling at you both.

    Before I buy some new running shoes, I took the plunge on some minimalist shoes for work(Lems Primal 2). Going to wear them 2-3 days a week to start out. Since I'm on my feet most of the day at work on carpet and some bare floor, I'll work on strengthening my foot muscles; which I think will help long term since its very close to barefoot.

    I think I'm more of a 0mm-5mm kinda guy. I don't like the zero drop at all times, so I mix it up as the good little runner that I am. I put on some old Brooks to cut the grass today(11mm) and it felt super weird and terrible.
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  8. Haha my fiancée was mad at me for 30 seconds when I bought the Wildhorse 5’s since you know, we have a wedding coming up this month haha.

    Then I showed them to her and she understood.

    I have a pair of brooks ghost 11’s and those have a 12mm!!! drop. I love the shoe itself, but the 12mm is too steep. If they made those in a 4-8mm drop then I think they’d have a dandy shoe on their hands.

    My favorite road shoes have been the Hoka Napali’s. 5mm drop. I have 3 pairs and they surprisingly hold up really well. I have over 300 miles on my first pair. Around 220 on my second pair and they still have tons of bounce and traction to them. I hope to get another 100 out of them before moving onto the the 3rd pair.

    Im pretty excited to check out the new Clifton 6’s when those drop. They look comfortable.
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    i didn't realize people were so into drop measurements. i honestly could not tell you what any shoe i've ever ran in has measured.
  10. Yeah it’s pretty funny how into it people have gotten. In high school drop measurements were non-existent it seemed. We basically ran and raced in whatever and still ran blazing fast with minimal injuries.

    Then in college when the barefoot stuff got big, it felt like everyone started paying attention to drop measurements.
  11. This is pretty cool. Hoka One One athletes attempt to break world records. This live feed is following the 100k (62 miles) race and Jim Walmsley is running 5:30 per mile right now. As of this post he's around 35 miles or so.

    Walmsley is also trying to break the 50 mile record in the same race and he's on pace to do that too haha.

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    what. the fuck
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    He did it too. It’s crazy he beat it by 14 seconds. Walmsley is bananas. Wish I could have watched live, but I’ve been camping in no mans land for a couple of days exploring and running with wild ponies.
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  14. He was def exhausted and with about 5lbs of sweet dripping from him after he crossed the 50 mile marker. Then he was basically like "Screw it, I'm done." hahah. He ran 5:48? per mile. INSANE.

    Think he will go after the 100k WR next year.
  15. Started following everyone in the Strava group. Just started getting back into things, so your distances are pretty overwhelming at the moment lol.
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    I saw your 10 miler! Very nice. I'm going to be be backing off a bit now that I have no more big events lined up until November. Gotta focus on rehabbing some things and strengthening my legs/hips. I'll be on the bike a lot which kinda sucks, but I'm going to try to enjoy the process.

    I came in 8th overall out of 130 in a mountain 11.1 miler(labeled as a 13.1). Super tough race with 2100 ft of vert on sloppy, rocky, slick, beautiful trails. I'm happy with the results given I've had low running mileage. Clocked close to 200 miles on the bike over the past month and a half or so in addition to some somewhat regular body weight strength work for the legs and core.
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    been on the bike alot as well. nursing an upper quad strain has sucked and i've been playing a lot of soccer/basketball so my miles have been straight trash lately.

    hoping to get back in it soon
  18. What type of bikes do you guys have? That's an investment I've been looking to make for a while, but I don't know what direction to go.
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    i have a super shitty bike i bought off amazon for less than a hundred bucks.

    dont be me.
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    I started with a $375 Cannondale about 6 years ago. A hybrid bike that can do road and some light easy trails. It was fine but too small. I upgraded to a Cannondale CAAD 12 around $1400(college graduation present/money from Mom- chill folks) 2 years ago and its magnificent. I bought a past year model to save. Not carbon fiber or anything, just a aluminium frame but it works for me. Super light and quality build. I can keep up with dudes that do have the $3000+ bikes for the most part. I 100% do not plan on buying another bike for many many many years. Because I just don't care enough. I bike because it helps/supplements my with running and it's good for when I can't run. This thing is going to last me until I ride it into the ground.

    Totally go to a mom/pop bike shop and see what they have on clearance or last year models; Even used ones. REI might not be a bad place to look either. I've gravitated toward Cannondale, but Trek and Specialized are two other good brands.
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    Signed up for the Chattanooga 50 miler in March 2020. :upside: And a 50k with 8500k of vert in November. Heres to training smart!
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  22. The elevation stuff is insane to me haha. I love the ultra distances, but when you add elevation it becomes a completely different story.

    The 100k I have in October is about 9k. That 50k will hurt hahaha.
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  23. bobby_runs

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    Finished my 6th San Diego Rock n Roll event this weekend. 5th half marathon for me at this event. Very happy with the time considering where my training was. 048733FC-3710-46C0-A2D9-C0A3FAC4CEBC.jpeg 063C431A-6906-4C9F-979C-3A70CAC9EC93.png
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  24. Do you guys have a good remedy for diaper rash before/after runs? My crotch is shot right now from my shorts lining.
  25. bobby_runs

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    Air it out as much as possible ? Idk. Never had that issue.