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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Mar 10, 2016.

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    Thanks, man!
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    I'm dealing with some knee problems currently and it's bumming me out a bit. "Runners Knee" specifically. Knee cap pain kind of on and under toward the middle and top. I can technically run through it but that's not wise. I felt it 2 weeks ago after a long run, but it slowly got better during the next training week. Then I did another long run(22m) and felt it again. I ran on it the next day since it was a peak back to back long run I felt I needed to get in. Don't think that made it worse. Haven't ran all week trying to rehab it. Although I haven't done much to rehab(strengthen anything) other than ice the knee, a good diet, yoga and stretches.

    I did the elliptical last night for 30 mins and I don't think it made anything worse. It's peak training for me so that's a bummer. Going to try the stationary bike and maybe easy stair-master tomorrow. No matter how my knee feels in a month, I'm running my 50k no matter what. Maybe I can maintain some fitness until then.
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    I feel your pain. During my 50 mile I started getting runners knee around mile 35. I took it easy and it eventually went away before mile 40. Right before my training block started my knee would flair up around 14 miles into a long run. What worked for me was to just take it easy. Basically followed an 80/20 or 90/10 rule. Mainly, my training weeks were 80% or 90% easy running the legs and 20% or 10% moderate - hard running. I think that really helped me out long term. Still got the miles in too. Above all else, go by how you feel.

    You're going to kill your 50k!
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    Appreciate the support. I do tend to operate at 80/20 and sometimes 90-100% easy on some weeks. I feel the last 2 training weeks, while scheduled to have some harder workouts based on my training plan, I pushed too much. Maybe. Especially my long run 2 weeks ago. Although I felt good fitness wise, it still may have been too much.(?). That's probably not a direct cause, but just a quick thought looking back. I'm sure it's a little bit of a few things added together. I'll be fine.

    And still the thing of needing to do strength drills and some weights at a more consistent rate. Theres always going to be some bumps in the road in our sport for sure.
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    I know I’m petrified of snakes in the woods around me, but that’s something else. At least the snakes don’t hunt you.

    After taking 2 weeks off of running from some “Runners knee” issues everything seems to be ok now. In those 2 weeks I swam 3 times a week and did elliptical a couple times a week. Stretched, yoga, foam role, a lot of turmeric/ginger/meadowsweet tea. Ran Sunday and yesterday easy with no issues. Runing longer(8) today and then a 15-18 run on Saturday. Maybe something short on Friday or Sunday. Keeping everything easy and maybe just 4 days a week until my race on the 23rd. Don’t want any issues popping up, but don’t want to regress my fitness. Sucks I missed out on some longer back to back weekend long runs in a critical training block, but it’s whatever.