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Rolling Stone Found Liable in Suit Arising From Retracted Rape Story

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Tyler Kingkade, writing for Buzzfeed:

    A jury in federal court ruled Friday that Rolling Stone and one of its reporters defamed a University of Virginia administrator in an article about campus rape.

    Nicole Eramo sued Rolling Stone, reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Wenner Media over a November 2014 article about sexual assault at the University of Virginia and statements the reporter made promoting the article. Eramo was a dean in charge of handling sexual assault reports at the university, and argued that she was unfairly cast as the “chief villain” in a story that purported to suggest administrators like her tried to keep rape cases under wraps.

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    I'm not sure what they expected. You can't make libelous publications and expect everything to be a-okay.
  4. Saephon


    Good. That entire fiasco was just awful; so many red flags should have popped up during the course of the investigation. There are even audio recordings of "Jackie" stating that she hoped Eramo wouldn't get caught in the crossfire, because she had nothing to do with it - and yet the Rolling Stone piece in no uncertain terms tries to smear her as a villain.

    Awful journalism. Just awful. Now I'm curious what happens with the fraternity, as I believe they also have a lawsuit against the magazine pending. I'm sure many of the people affiliated with it have faced some terrible hardships from this story as well.
  5. rst


    Good, dont be a piece of shit and make up fake stories to fit an agenda and rather focus on the thousands of real victims with untold stories who are suffering out there.
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