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Rob Hitt of Midtown on New Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 21, 2020.

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  2. theredline

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    Every time I see the name “Midtown” I always think, “How was this band NOT massive?!?!?”
  3. jeff.dart


    It hurts.
  4. RaginCajun Sep 22, 2020
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    I saw midtown open for blink and nfg years ago. They were touring their first album. We had to buy their record because they did the most amazing musical job I had seen at the time. They were the best out of the three. I followed gabe ever since. His cameo on gossip girl, his very fun cobra starship, and then his exit from making music. It hurt me that they didn’t blow up especially seeing that their music videos were great too. For whatever reason people didn’t gravitate to them (kinda like matchbook romance). But I’ll forever be a fan. Will listen to this podcast today!

    Robb is so warm. Such a good dude and band
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  5. benschuyler

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    No kidding. Few bands could write a hook like Midtown.
  6. SpinelessYesBloke

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    Excellent avatar and comment
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