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Rita Ora – Phoenix

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 26, 2018.

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    The drought is over, and Rita Ora is back with a shower of blessings in the form of new music. It’s been more than six years since the release of her debut album, ORA which gained the attention of several music fans in the world. With songs like “How We Do (Party),” “R.I.P,” and “Fall in Love” it was like love at first listening for pop fans. Since then, she has released impactful singles like “Let You Down,” “Poison” and “Body On Me” that made fans thirst for another album. Unfortunately, the legal tussle with her previous record label, Roc Nation stopped this from happening.

    Phoenix brings a refreshing vibe of victory for both Ora and everyone who has waited, dreamed, fantasized about finally listening to the singer’s sophomore album. Songs like: “Your Song,” “Anywhere,” “For You,” and “Lonely Together” aren’t new to the ears, but the best part about this is that these top charting bops made it to the album. The 28-year-old artist rarely misses when she drops singles. This is probably why the pop album is filled with multiple hit songs that create an explosion of pop sounds in the ears. Excitement is what each track brings. On downtempo songs like “Summer Love,” “Hell of a Life,” and “Keep Talking,” the subtle electric sounds are the secret to the melody.

    The theme of love is a prominent one on the 16-track project. Many of the tunes are addressed to an anonymous lover. On “Only Want You” she sings, “I don’t want somebody like you/I only want you, I only want you.” Meanwhile, on the electro-pop jam, “Anywhere,” she fantasizes about going on an adventure with her lover.

    Rita Ora creates music that makes ears dance. Seven years is a long time between the release of a debut album and sophomore album—especially for a pop icon like Rita Ora, but the beauty in Phoenix shines so bright it evokes emotions of pride and appreciation from listeners who know some of the hard times she experienced while trying to present this project to the world. “Soul Survivor” is a deep song that encompasses the struggles behind the release of the album. She sings on the song: “I’m a soul survivor, I made it through the fire.” Phoenix is pop music at its peak! No fillers, no dull moment, no distractions, just great pop music. Beyond toping her performance on her debut album, she adds another golden project to her discography.

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    I’d like this a lot more of Girls didn’t make the cut.