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  1. I'll take that bet. I know promoters that do just this. That think it's a "hassle" and "more trouble than it's worth" ... the sexism is incredible in this industry, top to bottom, and the stories of ridiculously sexist promoters are virtually endless. I can't think of a single band that couldn't give me at least a half dozen stories about it.
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    lol, getting abused or directly discriminated against personally is different than underrepresentation of a gender at a music festival, which is something you would have control over. I don't think United Airlines planned to abuse a passenger, like someone plans a music festival
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    Well put your fucking money where your mouth is. The problem are these promoters that you know having this mind set so out the promoters who have this mindset. Or do you not want to hurt your contact list? Would love an example of someone or some promotion company who thinks this way
  4. Really? Just a fact? Musicians? Not sure I'm sold. Prove it.

    Once blind auditions started happening in orchestras women are overtaking men and representation has been flipping almost immediately. I don't buy that there are more male musicians than female in the world, so, back that up, what's your evidence ... ?


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    Hey guys this might not be,... POLITICALLY CORRECT, but MAYBEe the gender imbalance in music festival bookings is reflective of the lack of inclusion in the general scene felt by many women especially those trying to start bands or be more involved in the power structures that build up music communities and organize these kinds of shows. So pointing out a clear imbalance of gender in a lineup is both a call to get more women involved in process of booking any of the many talented existing groups with female/non-binary members, and a critique on the vicious cycle that lack of representation perpetuates, telling women that they do not belong in this space and leading to a lower amount of bands with any diversity at all, which eventually leaves a music scene stale and empty, before it later dies.

    Or like pretend this shit isn't toxic and everything's fine. Whatever you want to do THOUGHT POLICE
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    I guarantee you if a band is going to make them money, most promoters are going to book them. Will there be some compulsively racist or sexist people in the industry that will go out of their way to not book people they don't want to, no doubt. Should this be stopped? 100% But don't paint that brush over everyone.

    It must be sad to see the world through such cynical eyes, not everyone is a horrible person.
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    My contact list? Those people fucking hate me. LOL, it's not like it's a secret who they are and the bands they keep booking after they got caught working with horrific people. Hell, you can fucking use google to find stuff all over the place:
    Download festival booker Andy Copping also thinks the problem comes down to a lack of women in bands. “There’s no shortage of women coming to our festival, but they seem to like watching bands more than being in them. They just haven’t felt inspired enough to pick up a guitar or be the singer of a rock band.”
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    Well I think I need to be stopped. This website, I can't stop arguing with you. It's fucking addictive. And you're so easy to fuck with. PUT ME PUT OF MY MISERY TATER TITS. I DONT WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE
  9. Ohhhh the naivety of someone that's apparently never talked to band with any women in it.

    I dunno, you keep saying that, but yet so many posts make the other argument.
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  10. I mean, I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that you'd use sexist language to try and demean me .... but it's just about the music, and festivals, and you don't have a real problem .... right?
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    A much more interesting take on the topic. Yes the lineup is representative of the scene and a lack of females in said scene for various reasons. Yes the culture should be of a state where anyone can start a band or pursue a career in music and have the same opportunity as anyone else.

    I still don't think you can hold the villain label over a festival promoter such as this, but should be looking earlier in the pipeline to encourage young people of any gender to get involved in music etc. Should definitely be looking at squashing the culture of sexual harassment in the scene.

    It is like going to a band and telling them they are ignorant and assholes because the band is made up of all males. Do you know whether any females tried out for that band? Was it their responsibility to actively seek a 50/50 make up? They were probably just a bunch of mates who got together and started playing terrible music, I know that's how I got started in a band.
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    I dunno. This conversation actually has me pretty fucking depressed. But I do this to myself. I could just ya know, not fucking respond
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    I think you made up a different post in your head and replied to that cause this makes very little sense next to what I said
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    Dude we've already discussed that my mum had a career in music. I have been IN bands with women in them for crying out loud. Carry on making assumptions, they are usually far off the mark.

    I'm out, I'll go back to casually reading the site and not getting involved because wow it is like talking to children on here.
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    Yeah I can't even make it past the first paragraph. I'm going to go draw a bath and hopefully slip into a coma and never come back. Everyone take care and remember, good morning good afternoon good evening and good night
  16. And, again ... apparently, you never talked to them ... which is a little weird, and kinda why I don't get why you keep saying the things you do. Your version of only pretending the "really blatant" sexist or racist people are the problem, is so god damn flawed, and I can only imagine comes from never talking to anyone that's dealt with this issue.
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    to the site ofc jfc
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    Literally what is the downfall of having more woman on any festival line-up? Like what is the point of expending this much energy defending the idea that rock-leaning festivals continue to be male heavy? Any fest seems to have at least 15+ very unknown bands in the undercard, so what is the negative of choosing a more diverse line up to represent local or up and coming bands?
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    Answer me. Should I kill myself in your name
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  23. Jesus, what the fuck. Yeah, you're done here.
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    Seriously. Apart from the very obvious, which is that there is a severe lack of awareness of female artists on the part of some of these organizers and the various scenes, this is the ultimate question to be asked of these people. It's almost like they think a lineup is headliners from top to bottom. Mitski, on a smaller stage and with an afternoon slot at Coachella, drew a great crowd. Now that is just one example of someone who'd be a real fucking catch for a festival like this. Of course we have no way of know what the scheduling conflicts of many artists could be, but it just seems like it falls back to the ignorance of promoters and organizers, and not a lack of talent like so many apparent clowns here are fooling themselves into believing.
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    I don't know this off hand but how much better are non punk festivals doing at having a more equitable representation?

    From my memory of outside lands and Coachella, this never seemed to be a topic or really a thought I heard people express.

    In looking at my anecdotal iTunes, anything that would be talked about on absolutepunk* is way male heavy. Other genres seem to be more of a coin flip.
    I realistically can't think of 50% female riot fest lineup that would produce the same draw as what they put out. Which for me means the problem is probably more systemic and the blame falls on the feeder system as opposed to the promoters. (Warped is a different story).