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  1. Tater Tot


    What are you talking about ? I said bands from the very beginning.
  2. Jason Tate Apr 19, 2017
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    Cool, name 'um. What bands, like Atilla, do I post to insult? I'll do the actual math for you and pull the stats from the database ... go.

    Atilla: in 3 posts (all about them being on warped)
    Falling in Reverse: in 3 posts (albums in stores, warped lineup, and on a tour)

    Name some more, I'll add 'um to the list. In the last 24 hours there's been around 11 posts related to female artists or including women in the band or post (since that's what I had to stretch it to even include either of those bands above). Gimme some more to make up that last 5, let's see if we can even get to the last 24 hours before I even move on to a week.

    Good luck. I barely post about those bands unless they're included in something else I am posting about.
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  3. mattant


    I don't usually post on here, more a reader, but damn this is a stupid thread. Jason regardless of whether this person was right or wrong you are coming across pathetically. I'm with Johnny that your reaction is disappointing.

    FWIW I think this "the ratio of band genders is bad" argument is silly. A festival is going to book the bands suit its style and is going to sell tickets. If there aren't as many female lead popular bands in that style then that is not on the festival organiser to solve. Jeepers.
  4. Shocker.
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  5. mattant


    Automatic disdain for those that don't agree with this view and treat their opinion aggressively as a result? Shocker.
  6. St. Nate

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    We're just a few posts from someone saying something about how affirmative action is bad.
  7. Shitty regressive opinions getting my aggressive disdain is easily the least shocking thing in this thread.
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  8. mattant


    I agree not shocking at all, was kind of the implication.

    Your opinions and desire for change have less impact when you immediately sneer at those who do not agree with you.
  9. Nah, all these red pill assholes aren't changing their shitty opinions, they tossed logic out the window years ago. I've seen enough of these same conversations to know that.
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  10. Dominick

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    Oh, a bunch of cis-gendered white dudes arguing about why it makes sense that there are more males, and pointing out double standards. How novel. Not a moment of introspection, just pure male id, grasping at rationales for why things are the way they are.
  11. Dominick

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    Well, if someone calls me the n-word, there won't be much dialogue. Similarly, if someone has taken it upon themselves to transform gender inequalities into "realities" about women, or a variation therein, it won't be met with a good response.
  12. neo506

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    Only if they get the Smiths next year
  13. CoffeeEyes17

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    you remain one of my fav people on this site, i hope youre doing well since we havent talked much outside of liking each others facebook posts haha. posts like this both make me smile and educate me more and more.
  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Morrissey would have to eat his balls he promised
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  15. mattant


    Yep there will be plenty of people like that, the problem here is being too quick to identify someone as one of "these red pill assholes" the minute someone has a slightly different opinion than you.
  16. But, and here's one example: "I think this 'the ratio of band genders is bad' argument is silly" and "that is not on the festival organiser to solve" is not "someone has a slightly different opinion than you."
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  17. mattant


    What has gone on in this thread is not really akin to calling you the n word, and the response in here has jumped forward further than the original content bringing a whole lot of preconceived and prejudgment with it. If you treat everyone like the antagonist things don't get far.
  18. mattant


    Well we beg to differ on that... opinion...

    The opinion of the festival line up doesn't automatically give you the insight into someone's opinions about gender equality, lbgtq rights, and the extremely vast and complex issues in between.

    As someone with a mum who taught and played guitar for a living, I know all well how hard it is to be a female musician. But next you will be telling me that someone is wrong for the gender ratio in their iTunes playlist. I disagree with this argument, that does not make me an asshole, don't assume who I am as a person.
  19. Dominick

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    You're actually part of the problem, and I think that is actually dangerous.
  20. JohnnyStacks


    What's more depressing is that tater tot gave proof with almost every top ten from contributors were actually a 10% female ratio. Also, to keep adding on to this, I was right about the 2-3 female contributors(that I know about) but no worries. The person who moderates this site is right at all times.
  21. But it does give you insight into someone's "opinion" on the topic at hand. And that stance can, and should, be judged accordingly.

    I've said nothing about the gender ratio of an iTunes playlist, crafting some new argument to argue about isn't gonna be my bag tonight. But, in relation to this specific bit of information: Supposedly knowing how hard it is for female musicians, and still making the statements you have, really does makes you more of an asshole. I don't have to assume anything, you're literally typing these things.
  22. JohnnyStacks


    Then why do you continue to engage? Lol
  23. I've never had only two female contributors on any website I've ever run, ever. My mom, sister, Kelsey, and Erin were the first people that ever helped me on AbsolutePunk. You aren't even right going back all the way to 2001.
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  24. Cause trolling you idiots for a few minutes is entertains me a bit. And I don't like when people say factually wrong shit and think they can get away with it.
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  25. JohnnyStacks


    Did you pay them?