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Riot Fest 2022 (September 16-18, Chicago IL) Festival

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by troyplaysbass, Sep 28, 2021.

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  2. JaytotheGee

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    Let's roll
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  3. Michael Schmidt Sep 28, 2021
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    Michael Schmidt

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    Excited for next year’s festival. Already set aside $50 for a Chicago Misfits shirt lol. It’s absurd, but it needs to be done.
  4. troyplaysbass Sep 28, 2021
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    Since I already have my three-day pass and it was probably about the same price I would have paid to see MCR anyway, everything else will just feel like a nice bonus.

    That said, still plenty of artists I want to see next year. No idea who I'd want for the third headliner that would be reasonable besides maybe The Killers (who are out based on their 2022 tour dates). Is Chance the Rapper too big for Riot? I'm guessing the smart money is on Nine Inch Nails just moving to next year.

    And here's a wishlist of other artists off the top of my head:
    Strike Anywhere
    John K Samson with his full band (basically a Weakerthans reunion)
    Weird Al
    Phoebe Bridgers
    Bright Eyes/any Conor project
    The Decemberists
    I Am the Avalanche
    Texas Is the Reason
    Broadway Calls
    Paul Westerberg
    Boys Night Out reunion
    Fake Problems reunion (I'm sure this will never happen, or if it did it would only be at Fest)
    Camp Cope
    Emperor X
    Code Orange
    We Are the Union
    Hey Mercedes
    Okkervil River
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  5. swboyd

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    Subbing to occasionally chime in with commentary about a festival I probably won't travel for next year.
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  6. Michael Schmidt

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    I’d love a Boys Night Out reunion on the small stage. Maybe 2023 when Make Yourself Sick is 20 years old.
  7. Mike Dust 81


    Operation Ivy or bust
  8. ItsAndrew Sep 28, 2021
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    Chance the Rapper's hype has gone way down since his album kinda flopped so he actually could headline - but I don't know if he would be okay doing that (what I'm trying to say is I don't know if his ego could handle headlining a "lesser tier" festival in Chicago)

    If Phoebe plays she almost certainly would have to be a headliner

    As for who would be dope to play:

    - Jeff Rosenstock (No Dream + Ska Dream sets)
    - Pup (since they canceled this year and hopefully will have new music out
    - Julien Baker (after seeing her live with a full band, she would be a great get and is probably hitting the 2022 festival market)
    - The Dirty Nil (Got into them during the pandemic and think they would be a great fit)
    - Torres (great rock act that would fit in a la Bully and just put out a very good record)
    - Turnstile (with all the hype they have received this year it would be stupid for Riot not to book them)
    - Dogleg (see directly above)
    - The Spirit of the Beehive (see directly above)
    - Chris Farren (his latest album was released at the end of 2019, but he only got to tour it once in the states and he would be very fun at Riot Fest)
    - Sunny Day Real Estate (would be a great reunion get, need to seem them one day before I die)
    - Japanese Breakfast (she's played in the area around Riot Fest twice but never the festival itself and with the huge year she's had, if Riot was smart they would book her)
    - Free Throw (put out a great album this year and their only Chicago show sold out quickly, would be a solid early/mid day set)
    - Retirement Party (surprised they have never played yet but I feel it's inevitable at some point and 2022 just feels right)
    - Origami Angel (another band that put out a great album this year and their only show in Chicago currently is a sold out opening slot on the Mom Jeans tour)
    - Pool Kids (releasing their debut album in 2022, would be a fun early act)
    - Illuminati Hotties (releasing a new album this Friday, would be a fun early/mid day act)
    - Macseal (great band from New York who would be a great early act)
    - Remember Sports (put out a great album earlier this year, would be a great early/mid day act)
    - Prince Daddy & The Hyena (they are releasing a new album in 2022 and would definitely be a sick get for Riot Fest)
    - The Mountain Goats (it was brought up in the 2021 thread, but they would be the perfect act to play the festival)
    - Fiona Apple (does she fit the vibe for Riot? I'd love to see her live and I figure she's going to do at least *some* sort of touring for Fetch The Bolt Cutters)
    - The Strokes (They've been suggested before as a potential headliner and I would be all for it)

    Edit to add:
    - Courtney Barnett (new album out this year, playing the Chicago Theater in early 2022 and could easily come back later in the year to play Riot)
    - Car Seat Headrest (put out an album right after quarantine and never got to tour it, would be a fun mid day act)
    - Stef Chura (great indie rock musician from Michigan, putting out a new album next year, would be a nice early day addition)
    - Snail Mail (new album next year, playing Chicago earlyish 2022, could come back like Courtney later in the year for Riot)
    - Soccer Mommy (put out a very good album right before the pandemic, only tour date in the area is a sold out show tomorrow, would fit at Riot a la Liz Phair)
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  9. JaytotheGee

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    AFI will probably play, fits the current vibe for sure
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  10. JaytotheGee

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    Turnstile is going to end up being the token scene band on Pitchfork or Lolla next year 100%
  11. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

    I wasn’t going to try and be super involved with this thread, but I WILL try to make it NEXT YEAR. So, here I go again!

    It’d be great if they managed to pull some of the bands that had to cancel this year (Pixies, Faith No More, etc)
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    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Always love the speculation, let's go!
  13. Michael Schmidt

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    At least we got our Riot Fest with Turnstile a few years back.
  14. KindaFatMike


    yes to all bands that had to drop, even the further back ones like chubby and the gang & L7.
    and to further out my wish list (with assuming zero 2021 repeats)..
    headliners/subs: Muse, Ghost, FNM, bauhaus

    screaming females, tsunami bomb, bouncing souls, the interrupters, fidlar, death by stereo, AFI, finch, the used, ETID, orville peck, silversun pickups, sleigh bells, they might be giants, english beat, Ludo, beach slang, bombpops, bad cop bad cop, electric 6, eve 6, billy talent, propagandhi, guttermouth, funeral for a friend, greek fire, the urge, from autum to ashes, head automatica,

    so many i cant even think straight and probably even more i dont even know about yet.
  15. Michael Schmidt

    Don't recreate the scene, or reinvent the meanings Supporter

    I’ll be big mad if Chubby doesn’t get placed on the 2022 lineup. That band is low hanging fruit for Riot.
  16. ItsAndrew

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    FYI Beach Slang split following allegations of "constant emotional, psychological and narcissistic abuse" — Kerrang!

    Beach Slang are not a thing anymore
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  17. Cmoney86


    No architects they are playing the riv 9/9 and have dates all riot fest weekend and are in Canada
  18. alkalinexandy

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    Posting to subscribe and get hyped far too early.
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  19. ItsAndrew

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    My Chemical Romance alone is enough to get me there at least one day
  20. KindaFatMike


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  21. TheBucklessProphet


    Never too early to start the hype train for next year. Very excited to finally get to see The (Original) Misfits and MCR. Had tickets to RF 2016 when the Misfits first reunited and couldn't make it since I had just started a new job. Also had MCR/Blink-182 tickets back in like 2010, but had to skip that one since I couldn't find a ride to the show.

    Really happy to have a 2nd chance at both acts.
  22. kpatrickwood

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    Interesting that the poster just says "Chicago" and doesn't mention Douglas Park. Anyone know if there's been confirmation that it's moving?
  23. Pretty sure they've done that in past years - could be related to permits or something. I wouldn't read too much into it. I haven't heard anything besides the usual speculation, although it did seem like the "No Riot Fest in Douglass Park" groups were more vocal this year than in the past.
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  24. kpatrickwood Sep 28, 2021
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    Ah I gotcha. Makes sense.

    2022 Wishlist below. Excited to check back in 10 months and see if any of these shake out.

    Blink w/ Tom doing a Dude Ranch 25th Anniversary set
    Brian Wilson

    Second Tier
    Weakerthans reunion
    Liam Gallagher playing an early Oasis heavy set
    Something Corporate
    The Magnetic Fields

    Aesop Rock
    Direct Hit
    The Copyrights
    Mountain Goats
    Screaming Females
    Vendetta Red
    Rainer Maria
    Titus Andronicus
    Smoking Popes
    Murder by Death
    The Hold Steady
    Spanish Love Songs
    White Reaper
    Against Me!
  25. alkalinexandy

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    Pretty sure this happens every year and people always assume it means a park change. I would just assume it's going to be in Douglas unless we hear otherwise.

    I feel like every year there's at least 1-2 articles with quotes from a handful of locals saying they think it's unfair and that it should be moved for any number of reasons. The counter is always that there's other festivals in the neighborhood too (which there are) that don't get complained about. Riot seems to be the bigger of the bunch but yeah...

    I don't even pretend to understand any of it. But at least we made it through a year without people being like "Ummm, the permit hasn't even been applied for yet WTF?"