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Riot Fest 2021 First Wave Lineup

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 16, 2020.

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    Riot Fest have announced the first wave of their 2021 lineup.


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  2. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    Good god
  3. BradBradley


    Holy shit. Realistically speaking, I’m not sure if a stronger lineup could be formed that caters to my personal tastes better than this. I mean... god damn. If the world still exists by then, I gotta get to Chicago.
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  4. hongfong00

    The sky had blackened with carrion birds. Supporter

    I've never gone to Riot Fest...I live in Los Angeles...but man..their line up never disappoints.
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  5. ARo24

    Regular Supporter

    I haven’t attended since 2013 but man this would be the time to go back. To think there’s two more announcements on top of this lineup is crazy.
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  6. silentc


  7. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    Meg Myers is the icing on the cake for me :thumbup:
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  8. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    Same but highly considering making this part of my 2021 travel plans. I've always wanted to go.
  9. CyberInferno

    Line below my username Supporter

    This is quite a lineup. Impressive. Hopefully it can happen!
  10. xenoabe


    Yeah, I really wanna head up to Chicago for this.
  11. serotonin

    who told you this room exists?

    I've gone the last two years and in 2013. Had tickets for this year for the last... six months or so. Knew we'd see a cancellation right away in March. Definitely didn't expect to see the lineup for next year already, and damn am I ready for it. (hopefully)
  12. xenoabe


    Any recommendations for a first timer?