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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. bradpetrik

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    So it seems that Vampire Weekend is probably out. Yes, they have a gap for three weeks in September but I wouldn't expect it to be filled by Riot Fest.
  2. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Blink literally JUST canceled another festival they promised to make up after canceling last year. They’re far from a reliable bet.
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  3. mattfreaksmeout

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    I hope Blink does play, they would really be perfect for the 15th anniversary since they were one of the headliners that kicked off the 3 day weekend Riot Fest. That being said, if they do cancel, I'd love to see Fall Out Boy step in.

    Also, I hope regardless we get Mark with Simple Creatures, because I'm fully convinced that is the current plan.
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  4. JaytotheGee

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    That'd be pretty cool
  5. mattfreaksmeout

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  6. JaytotheGee

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    Simple Creatures lol I wasn't thinking about that happening
  7. mattfreaksmeout

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    Oh yea, it kind of seems locked in to me. With Blink scheduled to play, and that interview with Mark where he said they would be doing some shows in the late summer/early fall but that they don't want to do a club tour run, plus All Time Low not having played since 2016, the stage kind of seems set to me.
  8. alkalinexandy

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    That festival is in May. If they're still recording an album when July rolls around, I'll start to think about that being a possibility then.

    For now? I'd say it's about as likely that they're playing as it was back when they announced it.

    In general, I'm really hoping that they bring in older, Chicago-oriented acts for 2019 that have have played both the indoor and outdoor incarnations over the years.

    Mostly, I just really want to be able to see Naked Raygun.
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  9. mattfreaksmeout

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    Yea I think that's definitely something we'll see too. It'll be interesting what they come up with and how they balance the traditional RF line up with the kind of changes we saw last year especially.
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  10. broken22


  11. alkalinexandy

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    What sort of changes are you referring to?

    Really, the only difference I picked up on was a slight uptick in Lolla-type acts (K.Flay, Matt & Kim, Bleachers, Father John Misty) but most of those felt like a fit to me, anyway.
  12. mattfreaksmeout

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    Yea no that's what I'm talking about. Nothing major, and it was honestly all positive for me, but it just seemed a little more alt./radio rock than past years. And like Beck and Run the Jewels too. No one that was out of place, just kind of a less punk focused lineup overall it felt. But I think they have to do that to avoid having the same acts every other year.
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  13. Cmoney86


    umm no they werent when it comes to the 3 days. it started the year before in 2012 blink played in 2013.

    2012 was 3 days first day at congress with the offspring then sat sun at humble park rise against headlined saturday and iggy and the stooges did sunday
  14. mattfreaksmeout

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    3 days outside my bad bro forgot about that congress show
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  15. JaytotheGee

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    Blink cancelling Bunbury but playing Back To The Beach a month before is kind of fucked up lol
  16. alkalinexandy

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    I'd add Incubus and Interpol into that mix as well, and I definitely agree. With few exceptions (FJM) the additions all felt like they fit the festival vibe.

    I wouldn't be shocked to see them throw 311 into that "Incubus" slot this year.

    I think it's a little fucked to cancel something they booked that far out in general. But logistically? I kinda get it. Bunbury is in Ohio and Back to the Beach is basically right in their backyard. They can play that show and drive home that night.

    That Back to the Beach line-up legit feels like they couldn't get headliners this year, so they pulled in Blink (because Travis).
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  17. mattfreaksmeout

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    I would embrace a 311 set. They fit really well as one of those bands I'd like to see but would never go out of my way to see. And I don't think they'd be out of place at Riot Fest at all.

    Did Blink say why they cancelled Bunbury?
  18. JaytotheGee

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    They want to finish their album
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  19. mattfreaksmeout

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    Ohh that doesn't worry me that much then I think they could definitely wrap it in the summer then
  20. alkalinexandy

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    I could really care less about seeing 311 but it would be a decent fit in terms of matching the aesthetic, but also pulling in folks who might not attend otherwise (as Incubus did). I could definitely see them closing a day on that second stage with Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome, a ska band or two, and maybe a hip-hop act.

    It makes a lot of sense for bands like them to play a festival like Riot Fest. I've been a very casual Incubus fan since 1999 and I've never once seen them live. But I caught them at Riot Fest, and now? Depending on the bill, I'll be more likely to see them.

    To me, that reads like they're in the thick of it and don't want to disrupt the flow... No way they're still recording in September (unless something unforeseen happens).
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  21. sam_might_say

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    I don’t remember if this was brought up or not, but is it safe to assume that Riot Fest swooped up Bikini Kill? So far only LA and NY have reunion shows
  22. JaytotheGee

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    It will definitely be out by September if they’re going to tour on it over the summer
  23. mattfreaksmeout

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    Did they say they were touring this summer? I feel like I missed an interview or something lol
  24. withchappedlips


    It’s incredibly fucked up how blink has treated their Midwest fan base over the past year now. A lot of it is out of their control, with Travis’ health starting the whole situation. The fact that they are cancelling Bunbury because they booked studio time or whatever is messed up because of how they backed out of it last year literally the day before, or two days before they were supposed to play the event. Bunbury offered a coupon and advertised 2019 as blink being a headliner, leading to blink fans being locked in now for both years, only to see the band drop off a second time.

    It sucks how big that bands pull is, knowing they can just back out of so many shows without it realistically damaging their reputation.
  25. CuttingMyFingersOff


    Yeah, especially after they screwed over all their fans when they bailed on Fyre Fest.