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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Kellan

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    They were so great. New stuff sounded really good. The first time I saw them they only played Labor Day off of Stovall so I’m happy I got to hear three more songs off of that. Still waiting to hear Trash Stains live.

    Manchester Orchestra were amazing as always.
  2. MexicanGuitars

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    So AM! was great, what else is new. Missed Sincere Engineer unfortunately but the line was mad.
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  3. campeondeluniverso


    love the booing at the mention of Victory Records at the TBS show!

    which band was Adam referring to that sang his lyrics and got famous?

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    That Against Me show was absolutely incredible, holy shit.

    The Story So Far had the best set of the day, for sure, but had a lot of fun with Turnstile and Andrew WK too.

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    Also I tried Malort.

    Not my thing..
  6. MexicanGuitars

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    If you put Malört in “Rita” form it could have swayed you.

    But you tried and for that I can’t be mad
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  7. owenlongsworth


    The crowd for Turnstile was huge, and that made me so happy. The Damned Things was amazing. Pretty much sat in the same spot for Turnover, Manchester & Bloc Party.

    Kind of wish I saw Wu-Tang instead of Manchester now, as they played the usual set.

    Only Against Me and American Football today and then I’m heading home.

    Also, the sound between day 1 & 2 was night and day. Still can’t believe the sound was so awful on day 1.
  8. natefoundglory

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    My brother can't make it today, so I have an open ticket if anyone is interested. Only looking to make like $30 off of it.
  9. zack33107


    Heartbreakingly they don't seem to be eager to play trash stains anymore
  10. Jim

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    It’s days like today Where I can’t move that I realize I’m old af now
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  11. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Pretty certain it is Fall Out Boy. I have heard him talk about this before.
  12. Cmoney86


    I was thinking the same thing or brand new cuz I know there’s beef between those bands
  13. JaggySnake83


    Got a weird Bandsintown notification for a Dashboard Confessional show at the end of February in the HOB in Chicago. Didn't see any other dates around that time, maybe someone leaked it by mistake.

    Anyway, anyone went to their aftershow? What songs did they do? I was one of those people who missed out on the ticket and was really bummed about it...

    Edit: got another notification now, it looks like it's both the 28th and the 29th. Maybe they are doing a full albums play tour?
  14. paperlung

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    Which lyrics?
  15. chewbacca110

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    My most anticipated is Against Me today. Followed closely by The B-52s. Their set is going to be a full on party and I cannot wait.
  16. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    I'm not entirely sure, but Adam said it right before Number Five with a Bullet. Might be Sugar, We're Goin Down.
  17. mattfreaksmeout

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  18. JaggySnake83


    American Football started 10 minutes late because of sound isses and they only played for like 30 minutes. Ended up doing 6 songs, only 2 of them from the 1st LP. It was the first time i see them and i was super excited, it bmmed the hell out of me.
  19. paperlung

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    ^They sounded so good tho!
  20. JaggySnake83


    Yep, at least that... And i bought a ticket to on of their shows at the end of December so that made the pill a bit easier to swallow..
  21. marissalg

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    this weekend was a blast. saw a lot of bands for the first time and drank a lot of pedialyte.
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    I bounced after American Football. Would have loved to have stayed and watched The Starting Line but just wanted to get on the road and the weather was sketching me out.

    Against Me was amazing though and Less Than Jake/American Football were both solid. Hope everyone's having a good day! I just ordered $30 of food from Cheesie's lmao
  23. paperlung

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    Raconteurs stole the weekend for me
  24. troyplaysbass

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    My favorite set as well.
  25. Cmoney86


    September 11-13 2020 are the dates for next year
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