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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Serh, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. tucah

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    Back in November
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  2. Cameron

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    Glad they’re taking their time with it
  3. Matt

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    shitty fandom aside, i'm excited
  4. Anthony_

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    Great to have a date. Honestly wasn't expecting it this year.
  5. DarkHotline

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    It feels like a lifetime ago when the last season came out
  6. irthesteve

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    let's goooo babbyyyyyy
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  7. Serh

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    Hope this is also worth the wait. Season 3 might be the best one, that easily paid off after the gap from the second season
  8. irthesteve

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    I have no reason to doubt the show
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  9. BirdPerson

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    Can't wait
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  10. tdlyon

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    Yeah, the fans may get worse by the year but the show has only gotten better
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  11. Richter915

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    It'll be 2.5 years about...a bit over how long it took between GoT seasons...and we all know the long wait worked out beautifully there!

    I may have missed it but did they mention number of episodes?
  12. Richter915

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    Would love if Harmon et al do something in the show to address the shitty fandom. Like if they do another galactic TV shows episode or whatever...they flip on to "dick and Marty" and Rick goes "I used to love this show but they took forever making episodes. Plus the fans are real assholes...some dude flipped out at a "lil bits" cause he wanted a sauce mentioned in the show...fucking clowns"
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  13. Maybevictor

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    They didn’t specify, but with the deal they signed for 70 episodes and the long time between seasons I wouldn’t be surprised to see this be 15-20 episodes
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  14. RyanPm40

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    I still think S3 was the weakest season
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  15. RyanPm40

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    What does the #WarnerMediaUpFront hashtag mean that's in every post about Rick and Morty?
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  16. Maybevictor

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    Pretty positive that is the event / conference / keynote where they announced it
  17. Serh

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    It's gonna be 10 episodes right?
  18. Maybevictor

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    Likely, but no confirmation either way. I’m still betting for longer because of the syndication deal.
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  19. Serh

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    Hence me asking, yeah
  20. justin.

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  21. :-|
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  22. Anthony_

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    It's amazing how many people in Hollywood haven't cut Kanye out of their lives despite all of the horrible, inexcusable things he's said over the last couple years.

    Also that article is really burying the good news:

  23. incognitojones

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    Big yikes

    Especially from dudes who both have sketchy harassment stories publicly available
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  25. the rural juror

    carried in the arms of cheerleaders

    That is a truly awful idea
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