Richard Dawson - 2020 (October 11, 2019)

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    01. Civil Servant
    02. The Queen’s Head
    03. Two Halves
    04. Jogging
    05. Heart Emoji
    06. Black Triangle
    07. Fulfilment Centre
    08. Fresher’s Ball
    09. No-One
    10. Dead Dog in an Alleyway

    Peasant is one of the most confounding and brilliant albums in recent memory and I could not be more excited for this
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    This is immediately one of the best songs of the year
  3. Importer/Exporter

    Voice of Voices

    Peasant is one of the gnarliest albums i've ever heard i think, and this song is unsettling in a different way. really excited for it.
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    What a strange and interesting song

    Where do I know this voice from? Reminds me a bit of the guy from Everything Everything
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    resident caroline polachek stan

    So incredibly excited.
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    resident caroline polachek stan

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