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Reverb Launches Reverb LP

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Reverb has launched Reverb LP:

    Reverb LP was founded for music fans. We’re creating the largest marketplace ever built to buy, sell, and discuss records. As record collectors ourselves, we know the feeling of discovering new music and the work that comes with it: The hours spent in the stacks at your favorite store looking for a rare find, the joy of discovering a new favorite. Whether you’re a die-hard crate digger or a newbie looking to get into collecting, Reverb LP is for you.

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  2. Tyler

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    So it's Discogs.
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  3. gbuffers


    Do they rip you off more or less than Discogs when you want to sell through them?
  4. KyleK

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    I wish Discogs more consistently had the pressing # info. I try and include that in my collection spreadsheet, but can't always count on the information being included in the description.
  5. Ryan

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    Reverb is dangerous. Too many guitars
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