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Restless Streets Seem Unhappy With Their Label

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Restless Streets released a song called “In Vogue” over the weekend. It seems pretty blatantly about the record label of the same name. The label owner, Nick Moore, has responded and his statement is below.

    Restless Streets is a great band filled with great guys. Because of that, I am super shocked at the release of this video, as I was never informed that they were upset at all. I feel like the video might be a cry for attention & very disappointing to see. I hope one day they’ll look back and realize it was a bad move on their part.

    I am passionate about music and I love what I do and the bands that I work with. But when it comes down to it, InVogue is still a business and the bottom line is that the band didn’t tour, the record unfortunately wasn’t selling for whatever reason. Only 203 copies sold in 4 years is not great by any measure. And the band, well, it just wasn’t their full time commitment, so I didn’t take the option on the next record. That’s it. I didn’t “drop them” or anything sour like that. An option in a record contract is a very standard procedure for both parties to be free of the contract if the business agreement isn’t panning out. If they wanted to sign with another label – they absolutely could.

    If anyone should be mad its me – I’m the one who spent thousands of dollars on the release. But I’m not mad because thats the risk you take with bands! It’s why I do what I do. I push bands that I believe in and unfortunately some click with people & others do not. This one did not. I absolutely hope that things change for them and they have massive amounts of success. Maybe another label can work out the kinks that I wasn’t able to work out. However, am I a “criminal” like the song says? I don’t think so. That is a very bold statement to sling at someone who was in the trenches fighting at your side for the success you both craved.

    In the end, I did nothing but try to help their band. When we started working together, no one else in the industry would work with them, let alone invest their hard earned money into them. I took a chance and it just didn’t click. That’s it. They aren’t on the hook for any money, they don’t owe me anything. It was a failed business endeavor and it’s unfortunate. Those are basically my thoughts – I’m an open book & if anyone would like to chat with me about it, I’m totally down — my email is

  2. Chuck!


    The label owner's response is just about as good as it could be. Damning of the band's actions but still respectful, despite the fact he's probably infuriated
  3. red8ge


    this band sucks a lot so maybe it was justified lol
  4. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    I never heard of this band, but holy fuck is this song awful. and sooo petty.
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  5. Tater Tot


    This would have been considered formulaic in 2008.
  6. shawnhyphenray


    Never heard of this band but I like the label and this is a great response from Moore. From the sound of it, the band just didn't understand how the music industry "works"
  7. InVogue are a bunch of stand-up guys with a great roster. Restless Streets (fucking lmao, what a shit name for a band) only sold 203 copies of their record in 4 years. Based off this song, I can see why. Jeeeeesus fucking Christ, so bad.
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  8. trevorshmevor Feb 13, 2017
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    Never heard of this band, but wow this is embarrassing for them. If they ever had a chance at getting any bigger than they are (they didn't), then it's sure as hell gone now. Not too familiar with this label, but solid response on their part imo.
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  9. mattylikesfilms


    Holy lol that song was worse than I even predicted. Grow up kiddos. You didn't tour and you sold only 200 records? Yeesh. Nick responded as perfect as one can in a situation like this. Was respectful but also kept it real and transparent. In Vogue will be just fine. This band though? lol
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  10. church11


    Is this a shitty b-side from Homesick?
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  11. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    I am always on board with invogue.

    Update: and the label, not this song. Yikes .
  12. TDenverFan


    Sounds like a shittier City Lights
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  13. ARo24


    Did the band buy all 203 copies themselves? That song is fucking awful.
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  14. aniafc


    Nick is a great dude. This is wild
  15. SuNDaYSTaR


    Petty song, classy response.
  16. shawnhyphenray


    Unless their goal for this was to gain more exposure then it definitely worked
  17. Yellowcard2006


    I can't imagine they wrote that song and when they were done thought "this is great". Pretty whiny lyrics
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  18. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    holy shit that song sucks haha
    edit: sounds like a bunch of farts going off front to back lol
  19. solxace

    oh word?

    can't believe I liked these guys
  20. jjnunn118

    Signal Vs. Noise Prestigious

    One down, 202 left to find
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  21. solxace

    oh word?

    still 203, never bought it ;) lol
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  22. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    This band is dumb. You got to record your shitty album for free. Only 200 people bought it because it stinks. Stop complaining.
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  23. cosmickid

    Composer, but never composed.

    Yeah I also love this guy's response, he seems very down to earth. It seems like the band just doesn't understand the industry. There's an audience for this kind of music, they should really just pack it up, take themselves elsewhere and leave the petty shit behind.
  24. tshreve


    good label, comically bad song. Yikes.
  25. Jared Luttrell


    Nick has always seemed like a pretty stand up guy, sounds like this band is just being petty and trying to blame their lack of success on someone else.