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Respire - Black Line (December 4th, 2020)

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Drew Beringer, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. some incredible screamo from Toronto


    new album BLACK LINE out 11/13/2020 via Holy Roar

    get the fuck into it

    Respire "Black Line" (for US/CAN) (for EU)

    A band embodying the notion of community is a sight for sore eyes as the world moves into post-2020; Canada’s Respire stands firm as one of the most forceful in the realm of new screamo and post-hardcore bands, pushing what it means to encourage diversity and representation within the roots of art.

    Since their formation in 2013, Respire have been an unwavering light in the Toronto DIY scene; with prior releases (2016’s Gravity and Grace and 2018’s Dénouement) refining the band’s orchestral post-rock and viscerally sharp 90’s screamo influences. With their already accomplished history and an extended family of contributing musicians in tow, the band have forged their spirituous third album Black Line.
    Written over two years and produced over six months, it is a masterful exercise in sonic scope and overwhelming swells of fervor.

    The ceremonious opening of ‘Blight’ breaks into the rolling thunder of ‘Tempest’ where the album bares its teeth - black metal blast beats are met with serrated guitars and vocals that are incomparable in their power and drive forward with Deafheaven-esque determination. Moments like ‘Cicatrice’ and ‘Embers to End’ allow Respire to display their uncompromising strain of blackened hardcore with enveloping pressure, whilst

    ‘Lost Virtue’ and ‘Flicker and Faint’ are pure grandeur and beauty with group vocals and string arrangements that nod to Envy’s more striking crescendos.
    Warm and often elating, these tracks are intended to anchor the listener from the first note.

    Black Line is colossal, a swirling void that draws everything around it to its center. Despite the towering lattice of classical instrumentation and thundering hardcore that swathes the listener in a sensory cathedral throughout, Respire still carve out hope as a result; Black Line is equal parts a call to arms as it is a celebration of self in the face of the worlds blight.

    Track Listing:
    01. Blight
    02. Tempest
    03. Cicatrice
    04. Lost Virtue
    05. Kindling
    06. Embers to End
    07. Flicker and Faint
    08. To Our Dead Friends
    09. Catacombs Part II
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  2. Absolutely yes please.
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  3. Leftandleaving

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    Here for this

  4. Context [tw: rape/abuse]:

    Hope this album, and the other albums scheduled to drop on Holy Roar this year, can still see the light of day.
  5. UPDATE: Album is indefinitely postponed.

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  6. Good for them - tough decision and the record rips

    not a top concern at all but wonder what will happen to the pre-orders
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  7. MarcinNWM


    This is it!
  8. Henry

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  9. from: skulls Sep 13, 2020
    (Last edited: Sep 13, 2020)
    from: skulls


    Amazing band. Preordered the record and still waiting to hear what's gonna happen with that
  10. Nate_Johnson

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    Just a thought @Drew Beringer, maybe we should change the title of the thread and get rid of Holy Roar and put TBD on the release date?
  11. Leftandleaving

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    looks like this is out December 4
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  12. Nate_Johnson

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  13. Nate_Johnson

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  14. Nate_Johnson

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  15. DrawYourMind

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    This is cool!
  16. Leftandleaving

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  17. Nate_Johnson

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  18. sean_rugy

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    song rules so hard
  19. duffe

    I Want To Be There

  20. sean_rugy

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    holy shit what a cool intro
  21. HalfHearted


    God damn, this album is something. Flicker and Faint and Catacombs Part II are stand outs for me thus far.
  22. matthaber

    beautiful and chequered, the end

    This is stunning
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  23. Nate_Johnson

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    Denouement was a bit more immediate but this record is very good.
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  25. phaynes12 Prestigious

    album fucking rules. loved the last one but this expands their sound in such a cool way
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