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Resident Evil Video Game

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Gonna just make this a catch all thread. The demo for the new game was really well received and the trailer for the final film just dropped.

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  3. Dirty Sanchez

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    Ready for movie reboot.
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  4. jjnunn118

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    The movies are pretty bad, but for some reason my dad and I always catch them on opening weekend. It's a weird tradition we have. Resident Evil 4 is basically my favorite video game of all time though.
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  5. DoseofTerror


    We should have a thread dedicated to the first few PS and PS2 games due to their sheer epicness.
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  6. This thread has five replies.
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    Then we should turn it into a game thread.
  8. This thread is an Umbrella (corps) for all things related to the series. It isn't dedicated to films, games, books, cereals. You can discuss whatever you want.
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  9. DoseofTerror


    OK great.

    I've yet to find a video game experience that brings me back to the days of playing the first three Resident Evil games. Part four loses me due to the new control scheme, and the rest of the games follow suit.
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  10. chris

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    replayed RE2 a year or so ago and I love early on how seemingly really important sections of the police station, areas that were probably used by most of the officers, were locked behind doors requiring strange keys/pendants/moving statues/etc.

    I know it's super video game-y because it has to be, but I like the idea that they just gave up on using the records room because no one could find the unicorn pendant to place in the fountain to get the spade key.

    Also, those early games, especially code veronica, have some of my favorite notes/journal entry collectibles in any game series. They add so much to the world
  11. DoseofTerror


    I think Resident Evil 2 was my favorite in terms of the game itself, but the original had the best location/story/wtf aspect to it.

    Part 3 was great, Veronica was awesome, even RE0 was good. Isn't there going to be another HD remake of part 1 coming out?

    I do agree that the finding of the keys/herbs was pretty ridiculous but man was it fun. In RE1, the Helmet key was the last key you'd find yet it unlocked a door right near the big dining room of the mansion which is right where you start the game.
  12. Code Veronica was one of my faves. The boss battles were top notch. Beating Tyrant in the plane was insanely difficult.
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    I don't think I've ever finished Veronica. That was Dreamcast, right?
  14. Yes. They rereleased it on the Gamecube, 360, PS2, and PS3.
  15. DoseofTerror


    Forgot about the gamecube, holy hell.

    I've tried Resident Evil 5 and 6 but couldn't get into it, and I think 7 will be just the same to me.
  16. I liked 5 enough to play through it a few times. In retrospect, its a bit forgettable. Reviews of 6 were bad enough to keep me away.
  17. DoseofTerror


    I've been out of the video game world for the past hand full of months. My kids all have Xbox One's and play different things, the oldest being into the better stuff like Just Cause 3 and various other over the shoulder open world games, and FPS's.

    The last thing I've played through was MGS5, which is a game my oldest doesn't like, for whatever reason, doesn't like the RE series either tho I haven't introduced him to the classics 1-3.
  18. oakhurst


    I'm really hoping RE7 is good. I don't want another RE5 or RE6.
  19. PandaBear!

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    RE4 is great, the HD remake of RE1 is great (completed it in under 3 hours, but did it on the wrong difficulty so didn't get the unlimited rocket launcher!!!). RE: Outbreak was enjoyable for me personally but I think it got bad reviews?

    First 2 films were good IMO (caught the first one again the other night & enjoyed it a lot!) and I'll watch & moderately enjoy all the others tbh. Giving Alice what was essentially superpowers was kinda lame though, but I can see how regular people fighting zombies/mutants for 8 films may lose people's interest.
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  20. DoseofTerror


    I remember the first movie being a let down in that it wasn't based on the first game. Then at the end of it, we get the tease of Raccoon City being destroyed and what looked like the intro to the game RE2...then again was let down. I gave up on the series after that.

    With all of the zombie movies that have come out, there still hasn't been one like the first RE game and I can't understand why. It seems so easy and the budget could be pretty low since most of the locations are interior.
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  21. chris

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    I need to play RE5 again and determine if I thought it was good or I just had a good time co-op-ing it. RE6 was bad, it was too long and felt like it took even longer which is not something I thought I'd ever criticize a video game for.
  22. Davjs


    Hmmmmmm, great point. I don't think there has been a Mansion zombie movie.
  23. DoseofTerror


    I simply don't like games where you can't turn the main character around to face the camera. Is that a stupid gripe? GTA doesn't let you turn around, but it's GTA.

    There is a name for the control scheme in Resident Evil 0-3 but I can't remember what it's called; something to do with the fact that UP makes you move forward regardless of whichever way you're facing.
  24. Davjs


    I really have liked all the games, including 6. I played 5 and 6 Co Op only with a friend but I had a great time all the way through both. Also the ending to 5, how can there be hate?
  25. DoseofTerror


    There have been many many many many horror flicks where the reveal is bat shit crazy, but with a zombie flick taking place in a large house, only to find out that a lab resides underneath it? I mean come on, that would be something to see.