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Rescue Me (FX)

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Full Effect Ed, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    I feel like this show never got the appreciation it deserves. Yeah, it was on the air for seven seasons but I don't ever hear anyone talk about this series today. It's one of my top 3 favorite shows. If you've never seen it, the entire series is on Hulu.

  2. RJ Knorr

    Trusted Supporter

    My friend and I watched this show religiously. It's one of the first shows I binged. I would rewatch the previous seasons before the next started every year. Haven't seen it since it went off air though. I wonder how it holds up
  3. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    It definitely still holds up, I recently rewatched the series. I've got family in the fire department so I'm a sucker for this kinda stuff lol. Tommy's back & forth with Sheila & Janet gets repetitive at times, but overall I love this show
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