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  1. Wait, WHAT?!


    So love. Much excite. Wow.
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    Yep. Unfortunately, being busy between those two projects kept her from reprising her role as Jubilee in Dark Phoenix (though I imagine it wouldn't have been much more than a cameo).
  3. Ah, I haven't seen Apocalypse. I keep forgetting it exists.
  4. Tim

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    You're not missing much. It was bad. And, she's pointlessly written out halfway through the movie when it would've made more sense for her to stick around. If you wanna see her as Jubilee, just watch this silly, fun deleted scene and promo video:

  5. Awkwafina is starring in a film premiering at Sundance that was written/directed by an Asian American woman about her own life experience? Why was nobody talking about this until now?
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  7. -starts slamming fists on table-
    more gay romcoms! more gay romcoms!
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    There's also the Kristen Stewart/ Mackenzie Davis one!
    And I agree, also more poc ones
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  9. (at about 4:30) Not exactly the kind of representation I was expecting to hear about, but okay hahaha
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    Posted this in the Dune thread, but also goes in here:

    I mostly loved Blade Runner 2049 but remember finding the use of Asian culture as a backdrop for an all white main cast, at best, a bit tone deaf. And now Dune is going in the same direction. But, because this is a gifted filmmaker adapting well-regarded IP w/ a strong cast, most people aren't gonna care.

    Liked the aside in this article on Star Wars, too. I never really think about it outside of the whole "sand people" thing, but there's definitely a hole in representation there, too (as much as they've tried to expand in other directions). She'd probably never do it, but a Lexi Alexander Obi-Wan film would help a lot there.

    Anyways, I wish some MENA actors could have major roles here instead of in that gosh awful Aladdin remake. But, hey, they have Oscar "Apocalypse" Isaac.
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    I've been thinking about Regina King's Globes speech, how she challenged herself and her peers to work on films that employ 50% women. That's great and all, but what can I do as a consumer? Well, this, I guess.

    This wasn't intentional, but it's damn well gonna be. Hollywood still thinks representation doesn't matter? Show them otherwise.
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    Anyone written anything on the dynamic of representation at the cost of others in general/representation as military recruitment tool specifically eg in Cpt Marvel?
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    If you want to see the best action movie of the year, see Furie. All characters are POC and the lead is a WOC.
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  18. I'm not subbed to her channel but daaaaamn this is huge. Hasan and now this. Asian power levels rising.

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    the Asian representation in this is so cool
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  22. Awkwafina is in the next Jumanji! Yesss. She been busy. Get all the jobs.
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    I saw that she's in talks for The Little Mermaid to voice Scuttle so that was disappointing