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    I'd still love to see live action Cindy Moon as soon as possible, tbh. But, also, Sony's animated Spider-Verse seems like the kinda place where you can know for sure a character will be done right.
  3. I don't want to recount how many times the MCU has disappointed me, but like, the moment I saw they were going with Peter Parker instead of Miles Morales, as much as I ended up loving Tom Holland, I was like, okay, we're not getting a Silk movie any time soon.
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    Never get tired of thinking about how good this movie was. I really wanna believe Lexi will someday get another film opportunity that's she's comfortable taking, and then get the movie career she deserves.
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  6. Hey! Look at all these Asians nominated for Golden Globes

    That's so mind boggling. Yeah, systemic racism isn't a thing, all awards shows are based purely on meritocracy. Gtfoh.
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  8. I wonder how many of my posts are just me quoting myself into another thread...
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    Love this attitude.
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  10. After maybe 30 minutes of Google and IMDb...
    my (probably incomplete) list of Asian Americans in film 2018
    (bolded ones I've seen)

    Braven 2/2/2018 Jason Momoa
    Rampage 4/13/2018 Dwayne Johnson
    Avengers: Infinity War 4/27/2018 Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Benedict Wong
    Deadpool 2 & A Very Deadpool Christmas 5/18/2018 Julian Dennison, Shioli Kutsuna, Karan Soni
    A Kid Like Jake 6/1/2018 Priyanka Chopra
    Mission Impossible: Fallout 6/27/18 Liang Yang (I don't remember if he had dialogue, but that's one epic fight scene)
    Ant Man and the Wasp 7/6/2018 Randall Park
    Ocean's 8 7/8/2018 Awkwafina
    Skyscraper 7/13/2018 Dwayne Johnson
    Crazy Rich Asians 8/15/2018 Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, et. al.
    To All the Boys I've Loved Before 8/17/2018 Lana Candor, et. al.
    Searching 8/31/2018 John Cho
    A Simple Favor 9/14/2018 Henry Golding
    Venom 10/5/2018 Riz Ahmed
    The Princess Switch 11/16/2018 Vanessa Hudgens
    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 11/16/2018 Claudia Kim
    Ralph Breaks the Internet 11/21/2018 Ali Wong
    Mary Queen of Scots 12/7/2018 Gemma Chan
    Second Act 12/21/2018 Vanessa Hudgens
    Aquaman 12/21/2018 Jason Momoa, Randall Park
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  12. He's the same guy as the Stormtrooper Finn gets in a fight with in TFA! Always about to beat the good guy until he gets shot haha
  13. Just saw The Favourite, which reminded me...

    I had this thought the other day, why am I still mad at ScarJo and JLaw but not at Emma Stone?

    From comments she made after the backlash, it seemed like Emma learned something. And also, how could you not love her after La La Land? Ugh.

    After the whole GitS fiasco, ScarJo almost took a trans role, like wtf did you not learn anything at all?

    I haven't really seen JLaw anything that would win me back, and also, her whole disrespecting culture IRL is a bit more egregious than taking on a role not meant for her, IMO.

    With Tilda it's a whole nother story. I never liked her to begin with. I hate that Suspiria looks right up my alley.
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  15. you're right Kevin Hart is whack
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    Love Awkwafina. She was great in Crazy Rich Asians & Oceans 8.
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    His new movie with Bryan Cranston looks pretty cringe worthy.
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    Black Filmmakers Make History in 2018, but Female Directors Still Shut Out (Study)

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  19. Oh, don't mind me, just quoting myself into other threads again.

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    This is definitely the worst choice in a role he’s made maybe ever. I just saw him kill it in Network and then got an ad for it that night on YouTube and it was very surreal. The whole thing looks so ill-advised and terrible, and that is a bad take.
  22. First Aragorn, now Heisenberg? Are any of our heroes safe???
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    Did Sam Claflin get any specific pushback when Me Before You came out or was that dumpster fire blamed on everyone else involved equally? I don’t remember ever reading a quote from him on it but I’m sure Cranston’s fame is playing a big part in him being held accountable. The full quotes in the article are even more disappointing.