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Remove A Song Game

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Vase Full Of Rocks, May 17, 2018.

  1. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    So I play a game with a friend where we take some of our favorite albums and force each other to remove a song from each of them and then give our reasons why that's the song we'd remove. I find this game can be very divisive and challenging sometimes.

    For me the hardest albums to do this for would be Commit This To Memory by Motion City Soundtrack and Nightmare Of You's self titled album.

    It's a serious struggle, but I think I'd go with removing "Make Out Kids" from CTTM, not because it's a bad song, I love it, but because you could remove it and still not fuck up the flow of the album.

    As for Nightmare Of You, I guess I'd have to sacrifice "In The Bathroom Is Where I Want You". It's a good song, but when compared to the others on the album, it's just missing that extra bit of "charm" to push it into a "must listen" kind of category.

    What about you guys? Any albums you'd struggle with? My friend struggled hard with Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse.
  2. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    My friend said he'd remove "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" from Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll.

    I find that really odd.
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  3. Snoblin

    Goblin Person Prestigious

    Say Anything - Is a Real Boy - Remove Spidersong
    Kevin Devine - Make the Clocks Move - Remove Whistling Dixie
    Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory - Remove Make Out Kids
    Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me - Remove Hello Helicopter
    Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life - Remove History Lesson
    The Wonder Years - The Upsides - Remove Melrose Diner
    Set Your Goals - Mutiny! - Remove An Old Book Misread
    Fireworks - All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion - Remove I Support Same Sex Marriage
    Fireworks - Gospel - Remove Paintings of Paul Revere
    Fireworks - Oh, Common Life - Remove Bed Sores
    Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride - Remove Kneel on Nails
    Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg - Remove Take Me
    Polar Bear Club - Sometimes Things Just Disappear - Remove Heart Attack At Thirty

    Am I good at this yet?
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  4. Box Car Racer - My First Punk Song
  5. SamLevi11

    Trusted Prestigious

    From my favourite album, Commit This To Memory, I would too get of Makeout Kids. It's still a great song but it definitely feels the least "vital" to me.
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  6. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    Oh wow. Those are some bold choices! I can't believe someone agreed with me on Make Out Kids. History Lesson, although I enjoy the song, does make a lot of sense. Hello Helicopter is a thinker though, I know a lot of people who love that song.

    Spidersong is pretty crazy since I believe that's a fan favorite, right? I'd probably take out An Orgy of Critics.

    I love An Old Book Misread, but damn, you might be right. Every other song on that album is a banger.
  7. SamLevi11

    Trusted Prestigious

    Spidersong is fantastic. I'd remove Red Cat / Yellow Cat personally.
  8. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

  9. SamLevi11

    Trusted Prestigious

    It's always totally killed the momentum for me. I dislike that song so much I couldn't get past it and listen to the rest of the album for years haha.
  10. Shrek

    human skin truck baby Prestigious

    Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear: remove Admit It Again from existence
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  11. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter's such a good song to sing along to...

    Haha, that's completely understandable. Why he thought that song needed a sequel I'll never understand.
  12. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim - Red in the Morning
    Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound - The Patient Ferris Wheel
    Gaslight Anthem - American Slang - The Diamond Church Street Choir
    Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten - Desire
    Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt - Red Violins
  13. This could be fun. Let's see.

    Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway - remove "Lily and Parrots"
    Death Cab for Cutie - We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes - remove "405"
    Radiohead - In Rainbows - remove "Jigsaw Falling Into Place"
    The National - Trouble Will Find Me - remove "Slipped"
    Murder By Death - Red of Tooth and Claw - remove "'52 Ford"

    Found this impossible with The Moon and Antarctica.
  14. "Spidersong" hasn't aged super well (despite it being self-depricating satire), but I'd have to agree that I'd remove "An Orgy of Critics." Always felt a little out of place on that album for me. And I'm sorry, but the decision to remove "Yellow Cat / Red Cat" is...unreal.

    If I had to remove a song from Commit This to Memory, it would be "Time Turned Fragile."
  15. Blink-182

    Cheshire Cat - Strings
    Dude Ranch - Boring
    Enema of the State - The Party Song
    Take Off You Pants and Jacket - Give Me One Good Reason
    Untitled - The Fallen Interlude
    Neighborhoods - MH 4.18.2011
    California - California
  16. Shrek

    human skin truck baby Prestigious

    i think drastically less of you as a person
  17. Vase Full Of Rocks May 24, 2018
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    Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    Sorry, the point of the game is you MUST remove a song. I didn't want to remove one from CTTM, but that is the game. (I mean this playfully by the way)

    Is Moon and Antarctica that good?
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  18. vidiviciveni


    Third Eye Blind's Out of the Vein, I usually skip "Self-Righteous" and the album would be great without it
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  19. I'm so confused haha isn't that what I did? Are you talking about TM&A?
  20. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    Yeah, sorry, I edited my post because I realized I wasn't clear. I felt really silly after haha.
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  21. Ah, gotcha haha well in that case...ugh. The Moon and Antarctica is that good, maybe the best album I've ever heard in all honesty. Even its interludes and weirdest moments feel integral. But if I absolutely had to...I guess I would remove "Lives?"

    Woof. That one's tough.
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  22. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    I started listening to Modest Mouse with Good News For People Who Love Bad News and listened to all their subsequent albums and then I went back and heard the album with "Shit Luck" on it, but I've never taken the time to listen to Moon and Antarctica. I think I should check it out.

    Also, I'd remove "Blame It On The Tetons" from GNFPWLBN.
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  23. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    I was going to say how mad I was at people picking "Make Out Kids" for CTTM and then you go and do this. How dare you.
  24. Vase Full Of Rocks

    Trusted Supporter

    How dare you indeed, @Aaron Mook.

    I can't even look at you right now.
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  25. Similarly, I started with We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank and went backwards. "Shit Luck" is on The Lonesome Crowded West, which is a lot of peoples' favorite (it's a fantastic record - I actually just recorded a podcast pilot about it - but it's not top three for me), but you should definitely check out The Moon and Antarctica. It's very etheral as its title suggests and different from the rest of their catalog in the sense that it's the album that separates "old MM" from "new Modest Mouse" if that makes sense. I think Transatlanticism does something similar for Death Cab for Cutie.

    Is it sacriligious to say I'd remove "Float On" from GNFPWLBN? I've gotten so sick of that single haha. But in all honesty, I'd probably remove "This Devil's Workday."