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Relient K Band • Page 2

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Benjamin Lee


    I feel this way over most band subreddits. The Say Anything one has just endless people defending that awful new album just because they love Max. The RK subreddit I've definitely noticed this stuff on, and while I'd say I'm pretty neutral on the album, I don't think the like "Matt was just showing how he was lost and found his way later on" concept someone thought of is a real argument for the album being good. I like aspects of it as just a random fun album, but god is Gloria and Can't Complain complete ass. haha
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  2. sammyboy516

    Regular Prestigious

    I don't love Gloria either but I don't find it to be too awful in comparison to the rest of the album. Can't Complain, however, is a pile of steaming garbage, haha. Such a BAD song.
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  3. chhholly123

    i had a bad feeling

    Yeah, it think they just made a bad pop album. There's a few songs I find pretty catchy but if I want to listen to RK, I'm not putting CL on.

    As far as the new album, I just act like they never said anything. When they make an announcement, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. sammyboy516

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    I hear you, but they announced a title and released a song and then fell off the face of the planet. They should hire some sort of management or something because I assume they do it all themselves and clearly they should not, haha.
  5. CMilliken


    CL had some good songs on it but also some really really meh ones. It's funny how we all sit around for Brand New for years with them being silent but we are still very interested in what they are doing but if a smaller band does it we lose interest. I've yet to lose interest in RK and sure they've been silent about the new album but they are very present on social medias.
  6. panthersoup

    I am more or less alive

    Relient K was one of my very first favorite bands and I'll always love them, but CL was so awful I straight up deleted it from my library after a while. Huge, huge let down, especially after FNSD. Don't Blink is great though, the only track from it I ever revisit. Look On Up was okay but it didn't give me a lot of faith for a return to form either.
  7. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    It's not, his profile literally says who he was on AP lol
  8. CMilliken


    I'm hoping Matt T wrote all of this one. I think writing with the guy from Owl City gave us what we know as CL. All RK albums up to that point had great progress from one album to the next.
  9. dylan

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    Definitely agree with your post over there.

    Air for Free is still such a dumb name.
  10. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    Let me dream. Let. Me. Dream.
  11. sammyboy516

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    It also helps that BN have always been that way and that they've never made anything that's been received like CL was.

    Also, I hate Reddit and can never figure out how to use it. Going from that mobile site to this one is so pleasant haha.
  12. CMilliken


    That's true Brand New have always been pretty silent about things. I really don't think Daisy was received well by everyone though. It wasn't CL bad though.

    I'm not a huge Reddit user either. I will agree with you on this site though. Such a nice update from AP.
  13. Tim

    i'm too sensitive for this shit Prestigious

    Still like multiple songs off Collapsible Lung a lot. FANSD is easily best, though.
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  14. CMilliken


    There are definitely songs I return to on that album. I'm an MMHMM person just cause that was the album that introduced me to them. Though I do think their albums have gotten better with each release. FANSD being the best.
  15. Greg

    The Forgotten Son Supporter

    Still waiting for a proper follow up to FANSD. Going on 7 years now, right? Man.
  16. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    I don't know if we will ever see a proper follow up to FANSD. It came from such specific circumstances, with Matt T. and his personal life, how it was written and recorded.

    I don't expect anything like it from them again, but I'm okay with that. Collapsible Lung (the song) is the only part of the album that really stuck with me.

    I'd just like to see a proper album from them, because we all know that CL just wasn't it, and if it was, then maybe I've grown out of where their sound is headed.
  17. Greg

    The Forgotten Son Supporter

    I just mean an album that isn't complete cowrite garbage. Haha
  18. FTank

    Trusted Prestigious

    Mmhmm still has to be my favorite
  19. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Supporter

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  20. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I was wondering the same thing when I saw that
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  21. Lucas27

    Trusted Supporter

    That better be the album art because it's awesome. In other news, I think I underestimated how excited I was about this album until they finally posted this. Hopefully we'll get something more soon.

    MMHMM > FANSD for me. The former is in my personal top 10 of all time. But to heck with it, they're both phenomenal.
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  22. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    Anyone concerned that the caption says 'Relient K brb'? Their version of brb could be years, haha!

    In all seriousness, I do fully expect an album soon...

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  23. I noticed that too, "Relient K brb" I assume it means that an album announcement is imminent though.

    I feel like an old person because they're so much more active on Twitter and Instagram than they are on Facebook, which is basically the only social media I use. Like before all this suspected album artwork, their last post on Facebook was Feb 16.
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  24. sammyboy516 Apr 8, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 8, 2016)

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    I didn't think so at first but it certainly looks like album art. Excited! Hopefully it's not too long before we get more details.
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  25. jorbjorb


    I'm ready for a new album already. Track one on CL was really good.
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