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    Relient K is an American rock band formed in 1998 in Canton, Ohio, by Matt Thiessen, Matt Hoopes, and Brian Pittman during the band's third year in high school and their time at Malone University. The band is named after guitarist Hoopes' automobile, a Plymouth Reliant K car, with the spelling intentionally altered to avoid trademark infringement over the Reliant name.
  2. Eric Wilson

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    I keep hoping each week they're going to drop some album info or new song... A lot of suspense here.
  3. Eric Wilson

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  5. SpyKi

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    Love "Look On Up". Hope we get album news soon.
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  6. Eric Wilson

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    I keep waiting each week for them to drop an announcement. Maybe this will be the week!
  7. angel paste

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    glad look on up is probably not on the new album even though I like it okay
  8. SpyKi

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    Why? There's literally no chance that every song on their new album is better than Look On Up, ha. If there is then I'll be very surprised and very happy.
  9. irthesteve

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    Love Look on Up
  10. Tim

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    "Look On Up" is great, though if it doesn't fit the vibe of the final album, I'll accept it not being on there.

    I just want a new album.
  11. FTank

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    This band has kinda lost me. Four years between FANSD and Collapsible Lung, which was a total flop... still love a few of their albums and would love if they released something I'm really into again.
  12. Spencer Control

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    another FANSD soon would arrive at the right time in my life but i get the impression they're sticking with more upbeat vibes from here on out. which is fine ofc
  13. mmhmm

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    :-) .........
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  14. Eric Wilson

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  15. Benjamin Lee

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    This is the band the made me like music. Found them on one of my parents "WOW!" Christian music compilations. hahaha
  16. CMilliken


    These guys need to announce something. I can't take the silence anymore.
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  17. mmhmm

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    I know, right?
  18. jorbjorb


    I still have hope for this band. Stoked for the new record.
  19. Spencer Control

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    Wait is @mmhmm actually someone from rk?? My heart
  20. dylan

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    still patiently waiting with low expectations
  21. Kevin360

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    I have a sneaking suspicion that @mmhmm is someone from the band.

    I'm almost always wrong on these things, and the silence Brand New often disappoints me, so I'll just let Relient K toy with my emotions a little longer.
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  22. dylan

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    Only person I can think of is Ethan Luck, he had Combat Chuck as a username over on the old RKMB back in their hayday.
  23. AJ Earhart

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    4 of my all time favorite bands potentially releasing new albums this year...RK being one of them. Need it right meow.
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  24. Kevin360

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    In order:

    Brand New / Thrice
    Relient K
    Manchester Orchestra
    Yellowcard (Lift A Sail was a little meh)

    Gonna be a good year.
  25. AJ Earhart

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    BN, Thrice, RK and Radiohead. Have a feeling Radiohead is just gonna fall out of thin air.
  26. sammyboy516 Apr 2, 2016
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    I just posted this in the RK subreddit...people on there are way to light on CL and people try to come up with all kinds of weird, convoluted theories to defend it.

    I know I'm not the only one who feels that way and it's a shame that it's gotten to this point. I'll listen to whatever they put out whenever it eventually happens but I am finding myself caring less and less as the weeks and months go by and they continue to just be totally silent. At a certain point, to me, it just shows a sort of lack of respect to fans. Not that we're entitled to anything, I guess. It's just so frustrating.
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