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  1. Argus

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    It's more that it hits me emotionally, having spent so much of the last six months with my Arthur.
  2. Sean Murphy

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    I went back to Braithewait Manor today and did not know that Catherines burnt corpse was there and could be looted. Real dark lol
  3. T.J.

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    I just ran into the Ghost Train while doing one of the horse challenges. That was cool.
  4. Sean Murphy

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    can you, as arthur, get into New Austin in the main game? or is that only in the epilogue? If I haul ass through blackwater without getting killed, can you eventually cross over?
  5. Slangster

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  6. Sean Murphy

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    just accidentally stumbled upon Kieran’s grave riding around in the epilogue, didnt know you could visit them, looked up all the other folks’ grave locations and went to see them all and got real sad. Now gonna go to arthurs grave and weep openly.
  7. jorbjorb


    I tried to give online another shot yesterday. Can't believe it's made by the same people that made GTA 5 online. It's horrible.
  8. Sean Murphy

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    i gave online a try this past weekend too and haaaated it.
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  9. Sean Murphy

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  10. SmithBerryCrunch

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    Took a long break from playing this but started back up again yesterday and I am loving it. I rowed a boat to an island then ran around the island for awhile and tried to go back but my boat was gone so I swam and drowned.
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  11. Sean Murphy

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    found the abandoned pirate ship the other day in flat iron lake. that was pretty cool haha
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  12. Jake Gyllenhaal

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